Zero was created by a girl named Alice. Follow her journey through being made, abusement, and freedom.

Zero wears a black sweater, gray shorts, gloves, black and white stripes socks and scarf, and brown boots. Around her eyes are black circles. Her weapon is a big hammer.


Alice was a sweet, smart girl but didn't have many friends. So she created some "friends" of her own. They were imaginar, but they were real to her. She started naming them after numbers, and the first friend was named Zero. After a while, she started forgetting about Zero as she didn't need her anymore. One day, her parents died in a horrible car accident and she watched it all happen. She was later adopted by her next-door neighbor, Mr. Rogers. The minute she entered his house, he started beating her and making her do everything for him. She did manual labor just to keep him from horribly beating her time after time.

Years passed by, and she started getting used to being bullied by many people. She was constantly questioned about the black eyes she was always getting, but never said anything. Later on, she was walking down the stairs of the school before someone pushed her down violently. She had enough of this and snapped. She yelled and screamed before getting him down on the floor followed by a very savage beating. She broke his arm, punched his stomach forcing him to cough up blood, and much other stuff. When someone yelled out "STOP!" she then realized what she had done, and ran back home. All she could think about was why she snapped. She couldn't come up with a good reason. She never snapped at all. She got expelled after what happened, but she started not talking, eating, or coming out of her room. Suddenly, a voice came out of her mouth, but it wasn't her voice, it was someone's else. All that voice said was, "We're best friends, forever,"

After another beating, she passed out. When she awoke, the news was talking about a man who was found dead with a lot of beating on him. Then the voice came back to her, and this time made her pass out. When she awoke (again) her looks have changed. Her skin and hair were white, and her eyes were covered with black circles. Her voice wasn't Alice anymore, it was Zero's voice. Alice was now gone, and Zero is now free. After what happened, Zero murdered everyone who knew Alice and escaped into the woods.


  • She's about 19 years old
  • Doesn't have a catchphrase
  • Her creator is ZombiePunkRat
  • Her personality was described by her creator as "Loud, obnoxious, violent, impatient, confident and a loner.
  • As a calling card, Zero always draws the number zero in blood where her victim has been murdered.


Theme song- Burnadette