Juno Demetri Vertillo is a young Boy Made by the Demon lord Zalgo, He is quite sassy, arrogant, apathetic demon. who's labelled as God of Lust

Personality Edit

Juno can be thought of being a narcissist. He believes many people besides higher bloods of zalgoid, are below him. He tends to act like nothing bothers him, tries to play the tough guy role in order not to seem like a burden to his family or friends. Although their are a few people he can really tell anything to. But even his darkest secrets he can't tell anyone.

Personality Edit

Story: Edit

Juno belonged to a pagan church. Before he was born, his mother, Delilah, had summoned Lord zalgo. She had wanted to show her church that she could do something great. She asked him for a child. Tricking him, saying she never had a child before but zalgo saw through her lies and thus bestowed upon her a cursed being. Later to be known as voodoo juno. Delilah showed off juno to everyone, but kept juno locked up in a small closet, his hunger grew the best of him. His mother did not feed him but once a day. He was treated like a caged circus animal. The word spread of a demon child and soon later when the authorities stepped in, for child endangerment. Delilah had disappeared when the police came. They had searched the house and found juno.

Juno longing for the taste of meat, his demon side took over his innocent and attacked the police. Zalgo appeared and brought juno along, he was raised to kill and corrupt anyone. And although he tried his best with training, his father still did not accept him. Juno longs for acceptance from people he loves. But can his ego get in the way of his innocent side or will he be fully corrupted by the power of the curse?

(For more information please see the instagram page called @junovertillo )

Factsback Edit

  • No official ship
  • His dad is Zalgo
  • His catchphrase is "Obey Me"
  • Made in Lovely corpses creepypasta comic (can be found on instagram @lovely.corpses