I’ve told you before boy, I don’t care about other people or their emotions on either side. I’m not like the public or like the local hooligans like Rodney, I don’t hate people based on nationality or social status I just don’t care about them and for the last time I do what I do because I’m fucking bored!
~ Victor Sevello Sr. explaining his morality to his son.

Victor Sevello Sr. is an immortal man born in Victorian London and the main antagonist of Immortal Father.

He is an anarchistic, sex-obsessed thrillseeker who lives out his repulsive lifestyle as a result of his complete boredom due to his never-ending life. He has no moral conscious leaving him to have no regard for anything or anyone but himself.


Despite being over 200 years old Victor looks no older than 29. He has fair skin, a thick head of chocolate brown short hair and is usually seen wearing velvet suits with black leather boots.

He has rather soft facial features and could be considered reasonably handsome to some. His eyes are both a striking blue colour and he has slight stubble on his chin.


Victor is an incredibly cold, selfish, hedonistic, repulsive, misanthropic and sex-driven man who cares about nothing apart from causing chaos and getting into bed with women. As a result of this he did end up having a child infuriating him to the point of killing his latest one-night stand who had been pregnant with the boy. Victor cared very little for the boy and caused deep emotional scarring in him with constant abuse and essentially destroyed his life in the future.

Victor's outlook on life was a result of him becoming immortal and realizing that he could whatever he liked and couldn't suffer any consequences. Before his transformation Victor was an average man for his time period although some would argue rather arrogant and womanizing,


Victor was born in the year of 1803 to a wealthy family. He grew up as an ordinary intelligent boy who had bright potential in his future and appeared to be a popular figure within the community. After he left home Victor himself became a landowner and became a more smooth and flamboyant man than before becoming one of the richest and most popular men in the country and being irresistible to the local women.

At the age of 29, Victor went out with several business partners on an evening celebration and ended up drinking an enchanted glass of what he presumed to be wine which resulted in him having an inability to age or die. Realising this Victor lived out his life to the fullest and spent his time doing nothing other than sleeping with women and committing many crimes across the country making him lose his status as a popular landowner but instead an unstoppable criminal mastermind.

As he got older Victor became more deranged and heinous and began experimenting more and more when it came to his sexual preferences with him deciding he wanted to try "everything". Seeing no consequence in any of his actions Victor would kill anybody randomly during the night out of sheer boredom, sometimes he'd even do this with the women he slept with. Sometime in the 1930s one of Victor's one night stands came back to him with her six-year-old son of whom she named after Victor. In a fit of rage, he brutally killed her in front of the boy. He decided to keep the boy in case he found a use for him in the future however he severely neglected him and went about his daily business as if his son never existed to begin with.

After his son was old enough to leave home he did so, Victor didn't care at all however and simply continued with his work. He then, however, got bored and decided to hatch a grand plan to cause his son to feel complete pain and misery for the rest of his days...


  • Victor was created by Doriartus.
  • Victor's initial concept came from Dorian Gray from Oscar Wilde's classic novel The Picture of Dorian Gray.
  • Victor's dress sense is based a darker colour variant of the two British hero characters Austin Powers and The Third Doctor.
  • He is 5ft 10 inches tall
  • He is aware of the existence of individuals such as Laughing Jack and Slender Man but very rarely crosses paths with them as he simply isn't interested in them although has a small level of respect for their power.
  • Victor's arrogance has caused him to scoff at a variety of different killers such as Jeff the Killer as he views them as weak and pitiful in comparison to himself.


Theme Song: Ignorance-Paramore