Let your mind go...
~ Unknown Razor's catchphrase.

Ray Adams was once a normal human, and now is capable of having demon abilities thanks to the mask that he wears on his face.

Before he became a Creepypasta, Razor was tortured and brutally scared by his father who was very abusive, until the incident happened.

Personality Edit

When he was around 8 years old, Razor was the silent type of his family. He loves the natures outside and was caring for his sister. But now, as a late teenager, he was still the silent type unless he's around friends he knows, he is insane and aggressive at certain times, depending on his mood.

His sanity dropped when his house was burnt down and his sight got worse from the day that it happened, all he wants is payback and he takes it on his victims for the fun of it. He won't care if anyone attacks him, he'll just like the pain because he is a masochist.

Story Edit

A mysterious figure came up to Ray and Sonata holding two masks. "... What are those masks? Why are you here?..." says Razor with his sister hiding behind him. The mysterious person replied back with these words "These masks, they're The Mask of Insanity and The Mask of Psychopath. I want you both, to take one each. Take good care of them." Ray took the Insanity mask while Sonata took the Psychopath mask, and when they have chosen what mask to have, the mysterious person starts to walk into the woods. Ray asked "Wait, you haven't answered my other question. Why are you here?...". The mysterious person turns his head a little and says back "You will find out, soon enough.", the mysterious person walks away, leading Ray and Sonata questioning who it was. "What did that person mean by that Ray?..." says Sonata looking up to him, then Ray says "I'm not really sure sis...". After that they both look at the masks they have chosen for a little minute or two, then they start to head back inside since it was getting dark, Ray looked from the corner of his eye looking at the woods thinking "This is honestly making me freak out, but I'll protect my sister... No matter what...". He heads back inside.

After from his house burning down and his face badly damaged from the fire, Razor starts to walk deep into the woods. Then he meets up with Slender Man of all people and he walks up to him. Razor asks with no emotion after what happened "...Who are you?" with a straight face, Slender Man replies back "The person that'll take you away, to a safe place, where people are like you, Ray.". Ray says back with a little shock "How do you know my name?", then Slender Man says "I've been watching you for awhile, taking all the pain and almost dying from your father, you seem to be quite interesting.". Ray had no words to take in, but with this "... I guess I'll join...", Ray takes Slender Man's hand and walks away. "Welcome to the family, Unknown Razor.", Ray was silent and accepts the name he was given. Then straight after when he became a Creepypasta, Razor starts to see the ghost of Ashley and he started to tear up a little but smiles a little, "I'll be by your side Ray" Ashley said, then Razor nods "R-right...". A few years later, he is now very insane thanks to the mask and can be dangerous, looking to find his little sister while working with Slender Man and other Creepypastas.

Appearance Edit

He wears a red shirt while also wearing a grey jacket with red and blue patterns and a ripped sleeve on the right side. He has deep scars on his chest and a lot of scars on his back, he has dried in blood on his left arm along with a bruise on the elbow. he wears black trousers along with black and grey shoes and dark red socks. He wears a black scarf along with black leathered gloves, he has messy hair which he prefers to have and has a light but darker shade of red hair dye. He most importantly wears a black mask on his face called "The Mask of Insanity" which also makes his eyes to have demon eyes. But under the mask his face has a deep gap under his eyes with streaks of blood along with his left eye being a dried up of greyish red and his left pupil grey and on the right eye... Well he has no eye on the right side, his right eye was scooped out and has a glowing red dot.

Razor's real face sign

Razor's real face!

Sinister Razor Edit

Let your torment... BEGIN!!!
~ Sinister's cathphrase

Sinister is a dark secret power that has been running in the Adams family for generation to generation, Sinister is a very dangerous being for taking over a persons body and is very skilled to take down the prey that Sinister sees, no matter if it's human or not. Razor was the next family member to have this power and Razor does not want to do what Sinister desires. Sinister Razor has a really pale skin, a really dead greyish red hair, a wide grin with blood stains on, big claws also with blood stains, a black jacket, black trousers, he does not wear shoes so he wears dark grey socks, a really dead red shirt and since Sinister has the body of Razor, he has the scars on his face and has no eyes in his eye sockets, he has glowing red dots like Razor has on his right eye socket.


Facts Edit

  • He is around 16 to 18 years old.
  • His birthday is October 18th.
  • The Mask of Insanity can possess him, taking over his whole body.
  • He will see illusions from time to time.
  • Good friends with Ticci-Toby, Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack, Lovesick Lynn, Ben Drowned, Smile Dog, Laughing Jack, Laughing Jill and a few more.
  • Sees Rouge as a mother to him.
  • Babysits both Lazari and Sally at some points of any week.
  • Sees Lazari as a little sister figure.
  • Cares a lot for Lulu.
  • Has a grudge against Stripes.
  • Doesn't believe what Zalgo says.
  • He is a masochist.
  • His silent treatment continues to act up ever since his mother died, but he talks when he's around people he knows.
  • Is very good at hiding.
  • Kills before thinking.
  • Talks to Insanity both in mind and out loud.
  • Keeps the Mask of Insanity with him at all times.
  • Likes to be alone sometimes.
  • Has high problems about himself sometimes.
  • He wishes he can be better but since he has the Mask of Insanity on he can't.
  • He keeps his anger inside, even if it hurts him from saying bad stuff.
  • He tries his best to not become "Sinister".
  • Sinister can take total control of Razor if he is in his deep depression or his anger.
  • Sinister's catchphrase is; Time to feast... On my PRAY!!!...
  • Doesn't like showing his face when the mask is off
  • Covers his mouth from time to time.
  • He can be caring but it depends on his mood.
  • Sinister has been around ever since the Black Plague started.
  • Creator with the same name on DeviantArt.

Theme Songs Edit

Unknown Razor's theme song: Korn - A Different World

Sinister's theme song: Korn - Trash