'Trender Man is a meme and spinoff of the Slender Man. Unlike Slender Man he is not a myth, but intended as a parody.


'The origins of 'Trender Man can be traced back to the pictured photograph, representing a shop mannequin with no visible face, which was taken by Tumblr user Conjured Charisma who posted it on his blog on July 31st, 2012 titled Slenderman’s casual Friday. However his name and further relationship as a relative of Slender Man were coined by Tumblr user I Lack Tact as a response to another user commenting on the photo, on August 1st of that year.


Trender Man looks some what like his brother/cousin Slender Man, but with a brown sweater (sometimes portrayed as a sweater vest), a white undershirt, and brown pants. His skin is also darker than Slender Man's, being between his white and a normal human tan skin. In some pictures, however, he is just as pale as his cousin. His clothes also change sometimes, since a fashionable person can't wear the same outfit all the time. Fans usually depict him with white tentacles. Some fans have also taken to drawing him with glasses.


He is often portrayed as a drama queen who can not stand people who go for the "swag" look or who wear crocs. He also is shown as somewhat self absorbed due to his fashion sense. He often becomes overly enthusiastic about helping others find better outfits so that others can become more fashionable. Whether this is because of a need to help others or an intolerance for what he perceives as unfashionable outfits is left up to interpretation.

Trender Man is sometimes portrayed trying to convince Slender Man to wear something more fashionable.


It is unknown if he has any special abilities other than his keen fashion sense.


  • Trender Man was technically created by now defunct Tumblr user I Lack Tact, as they originally gave him the name and the relationship to Slender Man.
  • The idea of Slender Man, Splendor Man, Trender Man and Sexual Offender Man being brothers is purely fanmade as in reality, the characters have nothing to do with each other though obviously there is nothing wrong with this portrayal.
  • He hates crocs with a burning passion.