Isabelle Fay Winston was a normal young lady that lived in Maryland, until that tragic day at the carnival she worked at.

She wears her old name tag,dark blue and orange-red stripe tattered and dirtied short sleeve shirt, light-blue torn up stained jeans, white and orange torn arm bands, black hair bands, and black and orange tennis shoes


Isabelle was upbeat, spunky, daring, and a optimistic woman but after her death she became quite aggressive and also somewhat selfish, but she’ll show her old self at times.


Isabelle worked at a carnival called Shelley’s Carnival,she was killed from testing out the newest roller coaster from a seatbelt malfunction, but after the tragedy, the attraction is still kept opened which angered her more becoming a Creepypasta. She is seen mostly at night sometimes wearing the carnival’s extra old worn out mascot costume head, because she used to wear the mascot costume for the extra money.

After her death she became sick of seeing people have fun while she can’t as it seem to her they were mocking her. She’ll attack particular people that angers her or crosses her path at night and she’ll attack the people that are in charge of the ride she died on with the baseball bat she found in the employee lounge. If they try and cheer her up she may spare them.


  • She’s a ghost
  • Her creator is PrincessRoseMcMitten
  • She was killed at age 24
  • She has no catchphrase

Theme SongEdit

Theme Song: Take Me- Papa Roach