The Ticker or Timothy Jade was once a normal boy until a series of events led him to be a killer with a passion for time.

His weapons are a knife and time manipulation.


The Ticker is 5'8. He has black hair with 3 strands that cover his right eye. His right eye is blood red while his left eye is replaced with a stopwatch. His teeth are pearly white and needle sharp.

He wears a black coat with a white shirt underneath and black pants. He wears black boots and wears two stopwatches on each side of his cheek.


When he was human. Timothy Jade was a kind but shy boy. As The Ticker he is sadistic, snobbish, and short-tempered, he behaves in a gentlemanly fashion in word and action. When fighting, The Ticker shows contempt towards others and scorn. When not fighting or in a conversation with someone, The Ticker is mildly pleasant and polite. He shows very little care or regard for those around him.

Very easily bored, The Ticker often tags along in adventures that others have to do themselves, assuming the role of the idle observer.

The Ticker often speaks in riddles, starting or ending a sentence with "time." This trait has characterized him as "annoying" among many Creepypasta. He can speak normally, though. He just often doesn't want to. He can be flirtatious at times and is known to flirt with all the Creepypasta females often commenting on their body and looks which drives most of them either to rage or blush.

Origin Story

  • Timothy Jade was a 17 year old kid and an only child when his story began. He was often bullied at school for his obsession with time travel and his love of Science Fiction. One day as he went to school he was confronted on the bustop by three boys who bullied him and demanded that he wait for the next bus at to let the "normal kids" get to school first. At his refusal they punched him down and beat him up in front of the other students waiting for the bus. None of the boys or girls interfered since none of them liked Timothy Jade in the first place. Then suddenly a girl stood in front of Timothy and started "ticking the boys off" as Timothy calls it. The boys humiliated and shamed by the girls words kept silent and backed off from Tim. The girl helped Timothy and introduced herself as Sarah. As the bus came Sarah offered Timothy a seat next to her seeing the envious glances of the other boys and girls. The reason was that Sarah was a popular girl in school and widely talked about by the boys and girls as the most beautiful girl in school. Timothy grateful for company, introduced himself and pretty soon Sarah and Tim became close friends as they found that they both liked Science fiction. Timothy felt happy that he at least one friend in school and that it happened to be someone who was widely known. That didn't make his situation with other teens his age different in fact it drove them to hate Timothy more because of his interaction with Sarah as all boys and girls wanted to be friends with her. Pretty soon feeling their relationship grow closer each day, Timothy asked Sarah out to which she happily agreed. Soon the whole school talked about how Sarah was dating the "nerd" making everyone feel jealous of Timothy. That didn't stop Timothy from enjoying his friendship. Nonetheless, the presence of Sarah was enough to provide him with respite from the bullying. One day as Timothy was walking to school, two boys called Brien and Owen, dragged Timothy to the woods behind the school and beat him up saying that "Time's spent" with his girlfriend long enough. They proceeded to steal his books for class and a watch he got from his mother for his birthday. As Timothy tried to grab his watch back Brien slammed the watch on Timothy knocking him out. As Timothy regained his senses, he found himself in a parallel world with a red atmoshpere. He walked around and found everyone in the school area standing still like mannequins. For 15 minutes he wandered around until suddenly was plunged outside back to the area where he got knocked out. As he woke up, Timothy spotted what appeared to be a tall man in a dark suit watching him intently. In a blink of an eye the man was gone. The next following weeks Timothy began to feel paranoid and experienced nausea, vomiting and memory loss often forgetting things within 15 minutes. He also began to experince more of he calls the "Time distortion" when everything stops in time which lasteed from 5 minutes to 30 minutes maximum. His unusual behaviour worried his parents that they took him to a psychiatrist who diagnosed him with schizophrenia. This put a strain on his relationship with Sarah during his Time Distortion and memory loss. Everything soon crumbled before Timothy when Sarah said that they must break up if his disgnosis doesnt get better saying that it will be for his own good. Everything soon fell into hell on one day as he was taking Sarah for a romantic walk near the woods for her birthday, which happend to be his birthday as well, after treating her to the movies. Timothy then gave Sarah a stopwatch for her gift as they were walking to which coincedently she also bought him a stopwatch as well. Suddenly two men stopped them and held them at gunpoint demanded their money and valuables. As Timothy tried to reason out, one of the men shot Timothy, the bullet going through his cheek and out the other side causing two bullet holes in his face. The other proceeded to shoot Sarah. The men took nothing but Timothy's birthday watch from his mom and Sarah's bracelet. As Timothy woke up bleeding with tow bullet holes, he remembered what happened and knelt down beside Sarah, sobbing hard as he greived the loss of his love. As Timothy grived he was suddenly overcome with a desire for revenge and bloodlust. With grief and vengance coursing through his mind, he used the stopwatches that he and Sarah gave to each other and put them in cheek to stop the bleeding. Burying Sarah's body he searched the whole night tracking down the men who killed Sarah and asking strangers if they saw two men in their direction. One stranger pointed out that he saw two men enter an abandoned house and Timothy wasting no time, ran towards the destination. Finding the two men hanging out behind the house gambling on whoever gets the most out of selling the bracelet and watch he rushed towards them intent on killing them with his barehands. As soon as the men saw him, Timothy began to experience Time distortion. Picking up a craft knife left discarded he killed both the men in cold blood as they stood still like mannquins. As Timothy took the knife out of the second man, the Time distortion stopped and the men dropped to the ground. Standing over them but not feeling better that they were gone, Timothy proceeded to end his own life. Taking the gun from one of the men, his last words were "In a little while i will see you Sarah." Timothy shot himself in his left eye killing him instantly. As his body dropped, a tall man with no facial features emerged from the dark and revived Timothy's spirit. Still not satisfied with his bloodlust, Timothy, now calling himself, The Ticker, hunts down anyone he sees fit to end.


  • He uses clocks and stopwatches to distort his victims.
  • He wears two stop watches on each side of his cheek.
  • Since Ticker is not really one to make friends, he doesn't try to keep whatever "friends" he even has. The only friend he considers is Clockwork.
  • He cannot abuse time, for fear of time itself going haywire.
  • He is scared of beings such as The Slender Man and Zalgo. Anyone more powerful than himself he deems as a threat.
  • When distorting time, The Ticker has power over everything under the influence of time itself (mostly humans). Time doesn't seem to affect The Slender Man, Zalgo, and ghosts/spirits.
  • When he speaks, he either starts a sentence with "time" or ends it with "time." This makes many Creepypasta view him as annoying, but The Ticker doesn't care much, their annoyance actually seems to encourage him more.
  • He has an unhealthy obsession with clocks.
  • He can distort time with any one of his watches. If someone were to get a hold of one of his watches, they would have that same ability. But because The Ticker is the only one who can control this power, anyone could permanently damage their own time reality or the time reality of those around them.
  • When his watches are destroyed, a fragment of The Ticker's power and/or physical state is broken. When a watch is destroyed, The Ticker cannot fix the damage, or go back to that timeline to fix it.
  • His creator is SuperSilverXtreme14.
  • He has met Slender on multiple occasions when being asked if he would like to join him in the mansion to which he refuses.
  • He and Clockwork like to talk to each other and is a possibility that they both like each other.
  • He sees Zalgo as a villain and sees Slender as a threat but also an ally.
  • He wears a clock for an eye on his left socket similar to Clockwork.
  • He dislikes Jeff the killer.
  • He is 18 years old.

Theme Song

Echo (Cover) [JubyPhonic]