The Seed Eater came tonight, he said kids weren't doing the trick anymore... he wanted something bigger...
~ The author of "Through the Trees" on the Seed Eater.

The Seed Eater is a strange humanoid being. No one knows where he came from. Follow the reports of this unknown being.

The Seed Eater wears a rag mask that has one eye hole cut out to see. The other one seems to be stitched. Its fur is dark green/brown long hair. The mask also has another hole for either a mouth, a beak or a snout. His weapon is his teeth.


He mostly hunts children. Adults are rare.


The Seed Eater was first to be mentioned by a man named Cliff Howry. According to him, he believes that the creature goes out to hunt every few years. If anyone disturbs him while hunting, he will kill you. It sometimes attacks adults, but mostly children. He also mentions that a boy survives the attack by hitting Seed on the head with a bat and ran. Sadly, the boy couldn't tell a thing because Seed damaged his throat. Brady, who now lives in a basement that's guarded 24/7, is still hiding. When Seed attacks an adult, it doesn't kill them but turns them into a Seed Eater as well.


  • His nickname is Birdman
  • He is often depicted as being Eyeless Jack's pet
  • No one knows where The Seed Eater came from
  • Can talk, but doesn't often do so


Theme Song: Nightcore - Hide and Seek (Boy Version)