Ann Lusen Mia or The Nurse Ann was once a normal, hard working nurse even though she couldn't do anything right. This all changed when a serial killer came into the room that Ann was in charge of.

Ann wears an unpractical nurse outfit, but it's black because she's an emotional person. Her body is covered with stitches. Her weapon is a chainsaw.


Before becoming a murderer, she was a shy, caring nurse. When she came back to life, she was turned into an aggressive, selfish, mad nurse. After Jeff found her, she started being kind to people (only if they were hurt).


Ann was murdered by a serial killer. When she entered the room, the killer caught her and started cutting her up into pieces. When one of the nurses went into the room, they found her dead. They took her to a special hospital, and the doctors stitched her up. Luckily, she came back. Later, she got help from a voice that helped her track down her killer. After that, she started killing people that she didn't know. As time went by, and her killing rate increased, other Creepypasta started gaining interest in her. One day, as she was off killing people and helping the hurt ones, Jeff the Killer had came to her and decided to take her to the mansion in the woods. As the 2 were walking, she questioned where they were going until she saw lights and a big mansion. She walked in, and she met everyone that's part of the Creepypasta. They made her a Creepypasta, and she became their nurse. Ever since that day she was a Creepypasta at the mansion.


  • She's 24 years old
  • About 5"7'
  • She pretends to like everyone
  • Her enemy is Judge Angel
  • Her right eye is missing, that's why she covers it


Theme song: Our Solemn Hour - Within Temptation