There was once a girl she was around 15-16, her name was Maliya, she didnt really have any friends, when she did, they all just hang out together talking about boys and such girly things, But Maliya didnt really talked about boys and such, she liked talking about other things, like scary stories, scary numbers to call, and love walking in the dark, but when she talked about it, her friends just looked at her like a maniac, by that she stopped talking about what she likes and what she does on her spare time

When she was a baby, she was quite....weird..., she would draw creepy drawing if her in the dark, or drawing weapons with blood stain on them, the one the wasnt weird is when she drew her family

As soon she got older, she started being alone, started walking around school being the quiet one in her class, sometimes even the teacher forgets about her, then one day she was walking home from school, she saw four drunk men heading towards her, she looked how they acted, she studied then for a moment, she know the one in the white shirt is married by the sight if his wedding ring, the one with ripped jeans looked about 19 or 20, and the others just were luaghing and talking about a hot bar tender or something, she wasnt really paying attention, she tried to walk quickly past them, but as soon she passed the guy in the ripped jeans Ripped her backpack off if her, which making her pills, textbooks, and phone, fall out, she quickly picked them up and stuffed them in her backpack, the guy in the ripped jeans luaghed at her, and started touching her back, and tried to get his hands lower

Then she quickly grabbed his arms and pushed it away, the guy said sorry and tried to touch her slow, “Can you stop its annoying enough your harassing a high school girl” she said, the guy didnt listen and tried to touch her more, she grabbed his shirt and threw him on the ground, and she ran

She went home, her father getting ready for work, ”why are you late?!” he said, Maliya didnt want to answer the question, ”stupid bitch” he said in anger, She stopped and thinked how many time her father said that to her, she walked to her room and dropped her backpack there, she walked out and got ready for her fathers yelling bullcrap, she stepped out her door seeing her dad whatching her every move, she was making a blank nonexistent face, he was yelling at her, but during his scoulding, then he backed hand her, he must’ve noticed that She wasnt paying attention, he grabbed her by the throat lifted her up and bashed her on the wall more then a couple of times, and then he checked the time, dropped her which made her hurt her ankle, she was on the ground holding her throat, getting air, ”im gonna be late, dont do anything stupid“ and he slammed the door and locked it and left her laying on the ground in the hall way

Thats what he does everyday, when she gets home he uses his anger on her, and leaves her bleeding, or bruised, shes mostly used to it by now, she mostly spends her time listening to music and drawing dead bodys and such, then she drew herself, but as a killer, this drawing reminds her of jeff the killer, but she thought she was different from him, so she drew herself agian, this time, she liked it it looks liked a maniac just broke through the hostpital and ate a bunch of pills and dumped acid all over her face

She loved it, she even smiled, she was proud of it, she put it in a little box under her bed, the box was filled with many things she loved, a knife she made out of a pole she melted and bending the iron to the right place, a bracelet that was made from lava stone, and more other items she made or stolen

She starred at the first picture she drew, still reminds her of Jeff the Killer, she started reading the story of him she was quite intrested in the group of killers, like eyeless jack, ticci toby, slender man, masky, LuLu, and more, she wanted to join them, she wanted to be them

Days past, Maliya was starting to get bullied, but she didnt mind she was a laid back person, didnt really have a care for the world, she keeps thinking “why do they abuse me? Ive been abused enough“ she wondered day by day, when she came home, she was tired of living tired of trying, everyday she cut hersel, but instead of crying, she smiled and giggled

This by going day by day, getting more insane, when shes sad, she goes back of being happy, anger to calm, full to emptey, she take pills everyday, its the pills to try to make her sane, but it didnt work, she started hearing voices in her head, seeing people infront of her, crying, laughing, yelling, but she knew those people were from her mind, she heard voices all around her but no where to be seen

One day a group of bullys bullied her so much about how ugly she is, even though last year so many people commented about how pretty her eyes were, and how soft her skin is, and how amazin her body was

she got home and started cutting hersel “ my body is useles “ she muttered, she started cutting which made her smile, she liked the red liquid oozing from her, it was fascinatin, the she remembered about her drawing in the box she wanted to look like that, she wanted ti show everyone what true ugly is

She grabbed the drawing, grabbed a pair if sissors and cut her long thick dark brown gorgeous hair, into a length that reached her shoulders, she looked at the picture and saw some blond strands in random places, she grabbed bleach from the basement and poured some bleach on her hair, it burned her scalp, there was a quick yell then she was holding the pain in trying to stay quiet, she loved it, there was random blond thick lines on her hair, and looked at the picture again, she grabbed the stapples and stappled her ear twice, got a knife and some string, cut a layer of skin around her neck and stiched it back up, grabbed a navy green shirt and cut it into a ripped up cro top showing half of her bra, grabbed some black short shorts, and black long socks that reached to her thighs, grabbed some boots, and puts it all on, she loved the way she looked, but something else was missing

she saw the bleached and poured it on her face

There were screaming for a moment

when she looked in the mirror she was happy, she saw her gorgeous eyes, the left eye was whiteish grayish the right was just gray, beneath her eyes were her skin, looking like tear marks, lines on her face turned much lighter than her tanned skin, looked liked her tears left scars on her face, but there was still one thing missing

her father walked in “i left my car keys have yo-“ she stopped after seeing her dress like this, ” WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! He grabbed her shoulder and spun her around, started throwing her to the ground, ”IMA FUKIN KILL YOU!” He said, he was aiming a punch towards her face, and then she moves out if the way, pushed him down, started beating him with everything she got, his face started bleeding, Maliya still didnt stop, over and over she was killing him with her bare hands, she stopped until he stopped moving, she got up looking down at his souless body, “ yea im the retarded bitch” said sarcastically, she looked in the mirror looking at herself she was proud of what shes turned into, the missing thing was blood, blood on her legs some on her shirt, rarely on her face, but most on her arms

she knew she couldn’t stay, she quickly rand to her room, put on the bracelet and grabbed the knife, she will carry it forever, then she runs in the deepest darkest part of town, never to be seen again

” breaking news still trying to find the missing girl that got reported missing weeks ago, police said there best researchers found her step dads dead body in the middle of the hall way, the suspects are her duaghter or somone that broke into there house and killed her father and took the poor girl awa-“ tv turns off, “Thats sooooooo retarded they think im dead? Even though it seems like a dream to see hell, but i rather just search for Jeff The Killer and see if i can find the Tall scary blank face man“ she says in sass