Sadie Seridane or Suicide Sadie was once a popular normal girl, until prom night. Ever since prom night, Sadie started skipping school, and committed suicide after a few days. Follow her journey though popularity, suicide, and being a ghost.

Sadie wears a white dress', and no shoes. On her legs are bleeding scars, including her neck and arms. Her right eye is pitch black and empty, due to her suicide. She has light blonde hair.


Sadie was a normal popular girl who was very excited for her high school prom. But when she told her so-called-bestie Amber that she likes Kevin, a guy who kissed Amber, Amber and some other people decide to spill red paint on her when she enters prom. It wasn't Amber's idea, but she had to do it because one of her friends showed her a picture of Amber and Kevin making out, and threatened to show the picture to everyone. When prom came around, the girls got the paint ready, and waited for Sadie to arrive. Sadie arrived at prom, and the second she walked in, red paint was spilled on her. People looked and started laughing, and she immediately ran out of the gym.

A week has passed, and no one has seen Sadie. Amber decided to go to her and Sadie's favorite spot, which is the park. When she went to the park, she saw Sadie on a swing set, but not moving. Amber ran to Sadie to greet her, but when she reached her, she found a knife in her stomach, and one of her eyes was missing. Sadie had committed suicide that day. When people found out, they didn't react, and started making comments about her death, including Kevin.

But she wasn't gone forever.

Sadie rose as a ghost and started murdering her school mates, including Kevin. When she reached Amber, she forgave her, but still stabbed her with a knife in her stomach. Ever since then, Amber calls her Suicide Sadie.


  • She's about 16 years old
  • Likes to spend time at the mansion's libary
  • Creator Gracie


Theme Song: Tourniquet - Evanescence