Born of a human mother, who had an affair with her husband, Eloise grew up mainly indoors due to her birth scarring. Her "father" treated her like a princess and always insured she was the prettiest thing in the world, her mother was not so kind. Eventually he died leaving the riches to Eloise and her mother. Ashamed and angered by her ugly daughter she threw her out into the wintering cold. Zalgo, who was going to check on her, found her out in the cold and took her home. Along side Zahir he trained Eloise and taught her about her demon heritage. Eventually she earned the nickname Stripes from Zahir and kept it as she worked along side her father.

  • She's about 19 years old.
  • She was created by Chibi Works for the comic I Eat Pasta For Breakfast and has her own ref sheet.
  • She likes bows, sewing bears, baking, playing dress up, reading fairy tales and succeeding on missions.
  • She dislikes her mother, scary places, dark areas, cannibalism, her uncle Mammon, failing Zalgo and anyone who plans to harm her father or Lazari.
  • She is extremely loyal to her father even if he does do horrible things.
  • She's the older sister of Lazari.
  • She is kind-hearted and very caring when she has the opportunity to be. Other than those times she is cold and demanding, she isn't afraid to put her foot down for the sake of her father.
  • She uses her claws as weapons.