Rose Edit

Rose Fairen used to be a kind, giving girl, who only wanted the best for her sister, Buttercup. But then her father accident killed her. Her ghost searches for her lost sister. She wants to end her sisters life so they can be together happily in the after life. Any girl around her age that comes to her house, Rose will kill, thinking it is Buttercup. When she realizes it’s not her sister, she brings the sprites to the after life where they can happily rome.

She has light brown, messy hair past her shoulders, with roses in it. She wears a ripped light blue dress, that‘s covered in blood and dirt stains, and a matching bow in her hair. She also has thorny rose vines wrapped around her arms ands legs. Her right eyes is a beautiful blue, but her left eye is bloody and ripped up, it’s usually covers by something.

Story Edit

All of the flowers are dead

When Rose was 7, her dad did something bad to her sister, Buttercup, and her mom left, taking both girls with her. When she was 10, her dad showed up at their door step, begging to be forgiven. Rose’s mom decided to let him have amother chance. He ended up trying to poison Buttercup, but before it could kill her, her and Rose started playing in the back yard. Buttercup accidentally pushed Rose into the bush, and a thorn ingured her left eye. Their dad ended up beating Buttercup out of anger. Rose took her place, and died. Buttercup ran into the forest behind the house, and Rose was buried under the rose bush. Their father turned himself in, however Buttercup was never found. Rose’s ghost now haunts her old house, looking for her sister

Buttercup Edit

Buttercup Fairen was Rose’s twin sister. She was smart, quiet, but not a shy girl, who liked to make her sister happy. When her dad killed Rose, Rose’s last wish was for Buttercup to run so she’d live. Buttercup ran into the forest behind her house. But was never seem or heard from again.

Buttercup had long blond hair in braids and pretty green eyes, but not as pretty as her sisters. She wore a yellow dress with a green ribbon tied around her waist that formed into a bow at the back.

Facts Edit

  • Rose and Buttercup were twins.
  • Rose was 10 when she died.
  • Rose liked drawing, the colors blue and red, roses, and toys.
  • Rose doesn’t like talking about her father and child abuse.
  • Rose feels bad everytimes she has to kill an innocent child, but not for killing a parent.
  • Buttercup was never found.
  • ”All of the flowers are dead” is her catchphrase.