Robetta is a female robot who seems to malfunction. As many times as she has gotten fixed, she always malfuctioned. Her creator, only known as Dr. Charlotte, had enough of this and abandoned Robetta by throwing her out and leaving her to rust.


Robetta has a rusted left hand and a rested right high heel. Before Robetta was left to rust, Robetta was red and blue. Her high heels where blue with red design on them and she wears a blue dress with red design. Robetta's skin is white, her eyes are red, her hair is light blue. Her hair bands are blue. She has a glove that starts at her shoulder to the tips of her fingers with red design.


Robetta's Weapon is a silver naginata with a red blade.


Robetta was a successful beauty robot. She was nicknamed Beauty Robot Queen. The bad news of her malfunctions made her a Beauty Queen of Death. She killed Dr. Charlotte's Husband and daughter. Dr. Charlotte tried to take apart Robetta, but Robetta gave Dr. Charlotte a very serious wound in the stomach. When Dr. Charlotte cam back from the hospital, she threw Robetta out. Dr. Charlotte began making more robots. Dr. Charlotte uses the latest technology that she has.


  • Unlike all metal, Robetta stays cool.
  • Robetta's age is unknown, but she looks like she's seventeen.
  • Robetta's creator is Toby Lee Rogers.
  • Her catchphrase is: "You've Malfuctioned"
  • During her free time, she likes to dance and sing.
  • The red on her dress represents her fire.
  • The blue on her dress represents her songs and dances.