Your failure is my pleasure.
~ Rainbow Factory Dash's catchphrase.

Rainbow Dash or Rainbow Factory Dash was once a normal, loyal pegasus, who was a part of the Elements Of Harmony. But everything changed when her little best friend, Scootaloo, failed her flying attempt, and made Dash snap. Follow her story through failure, a factory, and death with colors.

Rainbow has a light blue body with a rainbow mane and tail and purple eyes, when she's killing someone. Her weapon is a needle.


As a pony, she's pretending to be a normal pony, but inside, she's an insane, killer pony who loves to watch her victIms die in pain.


Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash's favorite little fan, failed her flying attempt, and was forced to leave Ponyville, but when Dash found out, she was very disappointed in her, because she trained her for many years, and it all lead to failure. It made her so angry, that she snapped and went to the Rainbow Factory, taking over the factory, and finally be able to kill Scootaloo for revenge.

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  • Her creator is Aurora Dawn
  • She doesn't have an age.


Theme Song: Rainbow Factory - WoodenToaster