Everything will be better soon
~ Rainbow's Quote

Mikayla Robins, aka Rainbow, was a girl who became insane due to an illness that her father created. Follow her story from being lonely, being ill, to finally becoming insane.

Appearance Edit

Mikayla was originally very beautiful. she had blonde hair that was cut in a pixie style, brown eyes and pale skin. After she became ill, she lost all pigmentation in her skin, eyes and hair, which is dyed purple. She wears orange leggings, a green shirt, and a white jacket. Her shoes are black and white converse. Her weapon is a needle and syringe, which symbolizes her bloodlust and desire to feel. She also has a scar with stitches running up her face, from a cut received from her brother.

Personality Edit

Mikayla, around other people, was somewhat emo. Around her father, however, she was very emotionally inclined. Her mood would swing from one to another very quickly. She loved music, and played a few different instruments. After she was ill, she couldn’t feel anything. No emotions, whatsoever. She went insane because of this, and often laughs for no other reason other than trying to impersonate her old self.

Backstory Edit

Mikaylas mother had died during her childbirth, and her father was never in the house. She grew up never expecting anything from her father but him depending on her helping with his work. Her older brother was never there, because of his constant trouble with being drunk and in trouble with the police. Tommy went to a public high school, while she was homeschooled by her father. One day, her father called her upstairs to show her something he was working on. It was a black liquid. He didn’t explain what it was, only asked her to inject it into a rat. She did as he asked, and went back downstairs. He didn’t call her upstairs for a while after that. About a month later, he brother came home acting strangely (she would find out later he was drunk). He started to hit her, and she tried to fight back. She backed into her fathers lab, hoping her father could stop Tommy. He wasn’t there. Mikayla, attempting to fight back, kicks her brother in the face. Tommy pinned his sister down, and pulled out a pocket knife, and cut her face. Her brother grabbed the syringe with the black liquid and stabbed her in the arm, then pushed down on the top. She felt a sting, then passed out.

When she woke up, she didn’t know where she was. She looked to her left and saw a man, crouched down beside her. The nurse explained who he was, and that she was in a hospital. She remembered what happened, and asked where Tommy and her father were. The nurse didn’t know. Mikayla realized that she was numb, physically and emotionally. She couldn’t feel anything. It almost felt like the world was devoid with color. Her father appeared in the doorway to take her home, a grim expression on his face. She didn’t feel anything still.

Later, when she was home, she laid in bed, blankly staring into space. She heard a voice in her head. Mikayla, she heard. This isn’t your fault. It was your brother and father. They need to pay. And you need to feel. ‘Maybe, if they’re a part of me’... She stared at her reflection. She giggled. She wasn’t happy, in fact, she would’ve been horrified. What she saw was sickeningly beautiful. Her skin and hair were compleatly white, and her eyes were blood red and blank. She quickly got dressed and went into the bathroom, where she spent a few hours dyeing her own hair with the hair dye Tommy had bought. She slowly walked upstairs to her fathers lab. Her father heard he open the door. He turned and saw her sickening smile and wide eyes. She grabbed an empty needle, like the one‘s that drew her blood in the hospital. She ran to her father and tackled him. She choked him with amazing strength. Right before he died, she chuckled and looked him right in the eye. “Everything will be better soon.” When he was dead, she inserted the needle into his wrist and drew his blood. When that was done, she transferred it into the syringe and injected it into herself. She felt things for a moment- joy. Sickening joy at the body of her father. She attatched the tools to her pants and walked out of the house. The police wouldn’t discover her fathers body until the police escorted her brother home from jail, days later. She later started calling herself by a new name- Rainbow.

Abilities Edit

Telepathy Edit

Rainbow has a version of telepathy that allows her to sense the emotions of others. Since she prefers to kill people who have a high concentration of an emotion in order to feel longer, this ability is helpful.

Pain Resistance Edit

Rainbow has an extremely high pain tolerance, to the point where she could break a bone in half and only feel a little sting. This helps her to be a stronger fighter during combat.

Enhanced Senses Edit

Due to the serum she was injected with, Rainbows senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch) are extremely heightened. This is useful for many reasons, mainly because it gives her an edge during combat.

Color Blood Edit

Rainbow can see a color, other than red, in her victims blood. This is how she knows if the victim has a concentration of an emotion, which helps her killings.

Trivia Edit

  • Rainbow is now 16 years old
  • Rainbow is colorblind without emotions
  • She is non binary, but uses female pronouns
  • She played the piano, cello, and bassoon
  • Her birthday is December 22, making her a Capricorn.
  • Her catchphrase is “Everything will be better soon.” This refers to her being able to briefly feel.
  • Her main weapons are a needle and syringe
  • She is based off of Ayano Aishi from Yandere Simulator, as well as Jeff the killer and Rainbow Factory.
  • Originally, Rainbow was going to be a sentient computer virus called Rainbow.exe, however, this was a little too reminiscent to Sonic.exe,, and Ben Drowned in my head.