Ranika Jevie Hauls was a little girl with an abusive Father, a mother who went missing, and a caring big sister who was tricked

Appearance: Edit

be be has long brown and red hair, midnight blue colored eyes, gold earings, a black shirt, blue jeans, white socks and black school shoes.

Personality: Edit

Rplease let is a cute little girl who uses her charm to get what she wants. She is very sassy and loves to be a diva just like her big sister’s best friend Lucy. She likes puppies, and playing with dolls and video games and if Lucy roasts someone, Rae Rae will do it too.

Story: Edit

Ranika had a mother who ran away to be with another man one year after she gave birth to Ranika. After that, the family fell apart. The dad started taking his anger out on his kids, he smokes and gets drunk often. Her sister became shy and acted like the mother in the family. And Ranika had to play with her stuffed bunny with no friends.

One day, her big sister Rachel, went to a voodoo shop, something bad happened. have accidently broke father’s vase and her dad started beating her. Rachel came home looking half dead. Her hair was messy and was covering her eyes, she was pale and angry. Ranika was scared but was more scared when Rachel came up to her dad and killed him. Rachel grabbed Ranika and brought her to the woods. They soon met a girl named Lucy and let her live with them in a cabin. Lucy was half demon, so she made Ranika half demon too so Ranika could have more strength and power. Soon, Slender found them and took them in.

Facts: Edit

  • loves rap music
  • is 8-11 years old
  • thinks Lazari is a sissy
  • secretly went behind rachel’s back to become half demon
  • she is cute