Personality Edit

Before he became a creepypasta, he was toubled, tired, and annoyed by his channel watchers. He was perfectly fine up until he saw the story about Zalgo, and his computer started to mess up.

Story Edit

Phantomonom is a demonic computer virus generated from Zalgo's energies. Before Phantomonom became a Creepypasta, he was just a kid on the internet. Shean browsed the internet, and eventually found a creepypasta named Zalgo. He did not belive in Zalgo, and he didn't like the idea of creepypastas. He tried to remove the story, and in return he was found in his room. Blood on the floor, a open wire and ink. No one knows what exactly happened. After a few years, a girl was browsing the internet and found his channel. When opening his channel, she saw broken and corrupt videos.

Personality Edit

Phantomonom wears a dark hoodie, black pants, sneakers, and a white shirt revealed under it. His face is pale, and he has long hair. His left eye is black, and right eye is in glitchy flames. His arm appears scorched from the wires that killed him. Ink follows behind him as he moves.

Facts Edit

He is around 17 to 18 years old.

He is around 6ft in height

He is a computer virus that kills non believers.

He dislikes glitches, yet he is one.

He likes Sally the slender doll, but he might also like Crosshatch.

"Abandon All Hope", "All Hope Is Lost", and "This is real..." are his catchphrases.

His creator is JasonMacroy8867

He looks over Lazari when she is in need of care.

Theme Edit "Nightcore - Virus (Male Version)"