Pandora was crafted by the Greek Gods of Olympus in order for Zeus to get back at the Titan Prometheus after he stole fire from Heaven. She was given a box and was told not to open it, but her curiosity overwhelmed her and she opened it letting out all the evil into the world.


Pandora has long unruly black hair and reddish pink eyes . She wears a mask to cover her face and a blood stained black Grecian dress and golden bracelet on one of her arms and two anklets on both of her ankles.


As a proxy she can be seen as quite cold and likes to cause chaos to others and does not care about others, but she can show a cheery persona as an act. Recently she starts to show some acts of kindness (reverting to her old self) and show mercy


After opening the box the evil within it consumed her and corrupted her. Slenderman appeared and took advantage of her situation. If she worked for him via contract he would give her powers that rivaled the Gods. Once she agreed, he gave her a magic staff but despite what Slenderman said, Pandora's power was less powerful than the gods. She caused chaos and mayhem making many Greeks fear her and view her as evil. Her main kill method is using her staff to cause people pain, grief, and despair,  and threatens them that if they seek hope they have to die. so they commit suicide.


  • Pandora is loosely based on the Greek Pandora myth
  • She is useless without her magic staff so she keeps it on her at all times unless she lets a friend borrow it
  • She likes honey
  • She is not to be paired with any main creepypasta or oc ones male or female(Just don't do it please at least not without my permission)
  • Her creator is Mikamizu434
  • She and Nightmare Magician are close friends and allies
  • she hates fighting and she's more better at long distance
  • She dislikes her master Slenderman( actually she hates and is scared of him)
  • Is allied with Black Cat