They hate on me but they are trying to be like me
~ Numb Jaxson's catchphrase

Jaxson Gray Manning was always against the laws and bullied for being too hyper and wild.

Story: Edit

Jaxson always skipped school and break the laws. Jaxson ran away from home so he had nowhere to stay at so he would always go to the forest and climb a tree and sit up in the tree until the next day. One night Jaxson was being chased by one of his bullies. Once Jaxson made his bully lose track of where Jaxson was he went to the forest and saw a tall and skinny figure but he thought he was just seeing things. Then Jaxson felt something touch his shoulder and turned around and saw a knife, he picked up the knife and went back to the city and stabbed lots of people in the city. One hour later he went back to the forest and got bored so he started stabbing a tree. A couple of minutes later he started to feel something touch his shoulder again when he turned around he saw the slenderman. After he saw the slenderman, The slenderman took Jaxson.

Facts: Edit

  • Is canonically ship with Catty Circus
  • He is 18
  • He is rude, bratty, dramatic, insane, wild, hyper, a player
  • He went into a cop car nine times
  • His creator is Koolnash

Theme: Edit

6LACK x Future - Ex Calling / Perky Calling