Leilah Silvers or NightShade was once a happy girl, that is until she was forced to be a Slave at a young age. Follow her journey through being kidnappedenslaved, and escaping.

NightShade wears a sweater that's black and turquoisepants that are dark gray, and dark brown boots. She has a white Beanie hat that has a proxy sign on it, finger-less gloves, and a black bandana that covers her mouth. Night has a scar across her right blue eye.




Before turning into a slave, Leilah was a happy, kind and respectful girl. But when she was kidnapped from her next door neighbors and force into slavery, she lost her happiness, her respect, and her trust. When she became a creepypasta, she became rude and has trust issues. But to friends, she's kind and helpful again.


When she was 10 years old, Night's parents started losing money due to getting fired from their jobs. They decided to let one of their next door neighbors to take care of Leilah until they earn some money again. So the next day, they took Leilah to one of the neighbor's home and told her that they are gonna take care of her for a while. When they left, the neighbor's wife gave her a drink. But she didn't know that the drink had a drug in it and Leilah was knocked out.

Leilah woke up and find herself being used as a slave to the neighbors. She was slaved for 7 years. During those years, she was beaten and whipped almost every day. Scars formed all over her body, including her face. Night is about 17 and still being used, until one night, she had enough. She went to the basement and grab some chains that she found. She first killed the neighbors, then their daughters. That night, she changed her clothing and ran out of the house to escape the scene. That night, she became a creepypasta.


  • She's 18 years old
  • Best friends with Clockwork and Ticci Toby and the rest are either enemies or good friends
  • Creator is NightVSLight23


Theme song: Soap - Melanie Martinez