Maddison Contarini or Macabre was a traveling circus clown who had a passion for killing things and turning them into freaks. Follow her through her story of emptiness, finding a purpose, and eliminating her circus cast.

Maddison's outfit consists of a multi-patterned dress, red and white stripped socks, and a semi-broken mask. Her weapons of choice, although known to use many tools, are a pair of scissors and a handsaw.


Maddison grew up in a somewhat cold-hearted state, although being in such a loving family. She never understood how to connect with others, a lot like her mother they'd tell her. So Maddison didn't befriend people, making her distant. But she still was able to fake normality in order to get what she wanted. She also viewed herself very highly, admiring her own unique outlook on the world, despite how horrid it seemed to everyone else.

Currently, due to her undead state, Maddison has lost a lot of her humanity, to the point where there’s no way to reach her. She is bitter, callous, and has no sympathy for anybody no matter who they are.


Maddison was born in the late eighteen hundreds into a family of circus performers. She was the daughter of David Contarini, the brother of the ringmaster, so everyone knew who she was. When she was old enough, she started to work for the circus, under the ridiculous name of Teardrops the clown. But she never really cared for the job, and she started to abandon her responsibilities when she took up her special hobby. Maddison found a passion for killing animals, then stitching them together like freaks. Being distracted from her work, her uncle fired her from her job and she was sent away. Her father followed her, but later both died due to the hardships that came. Yet Maddison’s soul was unresting, so she awoke as part of the undead. Maddison promised her father to go back to the circus before he passed away, but when she did, she killed the whole cast when they were sleeping. Then saving her uncle for last, she did what she does best; turned him into one of her abominations. But when she did, he was still alive. And ever since that day, she started to kidnap people, putting them into her collection as her own special freaks of nature.


  • She died at age 23 and physically looks that age
  • Every June 13th, she performs a reenactment of the day she killed her circus cast
  • She resides in a giant house in the country, built on the property where she massacred her circus
  • Her creator is Forgottening