Lucille-Tiffany Greatfeild or Lulu was once an innocent girl who went to a private school, and changes happen when she attended that school. Follow her story through being bullied, tricked, and losing her eyes..

Lulu wears a small blue shirt and has her hair into pigtails with bangs that cover half her face. Her face doesn't have eyes, but when she open the place where she had eyes, all she has is empty eye sockets that blood starts to pour out of them which is the reason why we see blood where her eyes are suppose to be. Her weapon is a kitchen knife.


As an innocent girl, she was shy but social. She loves making friends, but she trusted a lot of people who didn't want to be friends with her. When she got bullied, she was turning number and less happy. After she got 3 months of no school, she was too numb and was isolating herself. Now, she's happy again but ended up having trust issues.


Lucile's father enrolled her in a private school because he can work on books and do some traveling. Lucile didn't mind since she want's to be a normal girl instead of being homeschool her whole life. On her first day, girls were whispering about her and one of them decide to hurt her. So they took Lulu to somewhere private and beat her until blood came out of her. They even cut her long hair. They are doing this to her because they are jealous of her since she's very beautiful. They did this to her every single day. Even the boys joined in.

One day, Lulu met Zalgo, but in human form. He helped her to a small problem, but when she needed him the most, he wasn't there. Finally, Lulu got 3 months off of school, but she was too numb to be happy about it. She met Zalgo again, and this time helped her with her bullying problem. He then took her eyes away because he claims that the eyes make her get bullied. Zalgo left her in the woods, eyeless, until Slender Man came and Lulu on the ground. 

That day, she became a creepypasta.


  • Lulu is 14 years old physically, but she is 24 years old in via age.
  • She's very friendly to certain people
  • She is dating a man named Alfred
  • She's in the comic "I Eat Pasta For Breakfast"
  • Ben Drowned has a crush on her in the comic


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