Name: Lucelle Kaleah ShaysCreepypasta name: Lucy status: alive race: human part voodoo spirit type of pasta: psycho killer kills for: money and fun relatives: unknown Powers: black aura speed


Lucelle Kaleah Shays was born with a curse, infection of paleness, and a scar on her neck. Her parents never told her that she was cursed. Her parents hated her and wanted to kill her but had a plan to get rid of her. Everyday Lucelle would visit the man who cursed her because she was told by her cousins that he was her godfather. Her parents would beat her, be mean to her, or treat her two younger sisters better than her in front her. But her were to mean and cruel to her thar they forgot about what happens when the curse is in action. One day before Lucelle’s party, she saw on the news about Jeff the killer and what had happened to him. So everyday she would admire him and his past. When lucelle got to school she told her friend about him but then she told the rest of school about it. Then people started cussing at Lucelle and throwing stuff at lucelle. Then they weren’t friends. Lucy had one friend left. The exchange student Asaki. Asaki like her but never told her. Asaki’s parents sent him on a trip to Japan and to comback in 2 weeks.

When Lucelle got home she went by her parents door but overheard her parents and other people saying that they would send her to an asylum. But when she heard it she went upstairs and cried. The next day of her party the bullies that bullied her were there. So they threw punch at her to humiliate her infront of her parents and Family. Then Lucy grabbed a knife and killed everybody except her sisters. She then sent her sisters to hell and banished them from earth. After That, she hated lies and would kill anybody who ever lied to her.


She is nice, sweet, and fun when you hang out with her enoug. But one look at her will make you think she is crazy.

  • Facts
  • 13-16 years old(sometimes 17-18)
  • likes watching Looney Tunes
  • Kinda likes Asaki too
  • doesnt know if her family is actually dead
  • has a book of voodoo powers
  • was born in the hood
  • absolutely hates Jane and Nina
  • People think she is absolutely psycho

Theme song Drop the World by Lil Wayne