Linda Clark Mulligun was a girl had a huge crush on her best friend, Simon. She was obsessed with him, and would stalk him. When she confessed that she loved him. he accepted and they started dating. But he cheated on her with another girl. Follow her story of obsession, being cheated on, and snapping

I'll show you my way of "love"~
Give me your heart, or I'll just TAKE IT!!


Lynn wears a green tank top with a long black jacket, and dark blue jeans. She wears a black mouth mask to cover, two OPEN wounds on her cheek and one on the side of her face since She sees it as ugly. She has bandages all over her chest and arms. Mostly because when she gets wounds, cuts or bruises, they never heal since she's not alive. She has green eyes and blonde hair. Her eyeballs are a bit reddish due to unknown reasons. Her pupils get more thicker the more angry or distressed she gets. Her mouth and chin are covered with dry blood, but she is too lazy to wipe it off. She actually got the wounds on her face from smashing the vase on her lovers head, since pieces flew everywhere and some even landed on her.


Lynn is a very cheerful girl, to the point of smiling even after having to torture someone to death, even with her attitude change, (she quickly becomes violent and cruel) she still always seems to be in a playful manner for a childish killer, she is extremely skilled for stealth, she also seems to love mocking and teasing others and make them feel creepied out. She does have some anger issues, and she is a bit rude, even with her usually happy attitude. She seems to always talk in a very cheerful but dark or offensive manner. She loves to annoy some people to death. But she's somehow always happy, but she easily let's insults, or things ruin her happy attitude. Lynn is said to be mentally unstable but it was never confirmed. She seems to have a twisted way of showing her "love" to someone. She seems to always be happy or cheerful until something angers her. When something angers her, she quickly becomes violent and will either throw a tantrum by throwing whatever she can everywhere or start screaming curses and say rude or offensive things. Aside to her psychotic nature, Lynn does have a caring side for innocents or friends. Since she mostly doesn't target "innocent people", she sees children and others who have never done anything wrong, she will sometimes care for them, and help. But she mostly likes to quickly do it and stay unknown since she doedn't like to be seen as a caring person since she wants others to be afraid of her. And she won't kill people who beg to be killed, since she thinks its a waste of time making someone happy by eliminating them. She is also extremely good at acting and manipulating others. She has gotten the idea that torturing or beating someone to death is okay. She is however a bit clever when coming up with ideas to hide corpses or torturing someone. She always tries a way to make someone suffer. Aside from that, Lynn is used to lying or faking her true emotions, or thoughts. Since she had to pretend to be happy while at school even though she was getting beaten sometimes at the orphanage.



Lynn was mostly a loner in her childhood, nobody really bullied her, but many teased or mocked her. She did act sweet and was shy around others, but deep inside she was lonely and hurt. She felt lonely seeing all those other children with parents, and a family. Her orphan mothers were always saying that she was only a girl to give birth to children and act like a proper lady. She was slapped and beat when misbehaving or talking back, they would sometimes say she was a failure if She didn't act like a lady or how she was supposed to. One time, they even smashed a glass cup on her hand, so pieces dug into her hand, for accidentally dropping a vase while carrying it. So when Linda was either beaten or slapped, she began to think that torture or beating was only a punishment and was okay to do to others since she would copy what others did. Linda would sneak out to see fights on the streets due to her interest in seeing fights. She learned that violence wasn't a big deal and more of a punishment. She got the idea of learning how to fight for self defense. She did begin to be more violent and cruel, since she was still a child and she repeated what she hears or sees. However, soon she met Simon. A boy who she developed a crush on since he was the first one to actually try to be friends with her, and was nice to her. She began acting a bit more sweet, and kind. However... soon, during her teen ages, that little crush turned into an obsession.  -Note The reason she has the interest in street fighting thing in her origin, is to give an example of how she became more violent, and cruel to others. Lynn was beginning to act so obsessed with her lover, that she began sneaking out at night to watch him sleep or stalk him each day. She did however get scolded and punished by her orphan caretakers due to her rude behavior when sneaking out. Lynn only cared about Simon back then, and didn't pay attention to anything else than him. She as an adult, truly wishes she could've tried to enjoy her childhood more rather than focusing on Simon. She would follow him everywhere, be very kind to him, and act sweet around him, she had by then been an expert at stalking, and hiding, and otherwise stealth. Lynn had began dating Simon at the age of probably 17. She had confessed hee love to him and been accepted, Lynn couldn't be more happier. Lynn's addiction only stayed the same, she would stalk him more often and usually kiss or hug him and give him a lot of affection. Yet, when Lynn was following him, she saw him make out with another woman, and them go on a date. She didn't know how she didn't see this coming, yes she had stalked him for quite a while and had never seen him with this girl. He would sometimes go on vacations or out of town so she couldn't see him. And he would sometimes go to other places where Lynn couldn't go, such as private properties, or other people's houses. Simon had been going to another person's house for a while, but Lynn suspected it was family. Lynn broke down when she got back to her home, she kept crying that he cheated. And thought something was wrong with her to make her lover do something like that. Lynn later than kidnapped and kept Simon in a cage, and showed him the dead corpse of the girl he cheated on her with. Lynn would say that he didn't need the girl in his life and he only needed her. She got angry with his whining and crying, and yelling that she smashed a vase over his head, and Simon backslashes at Lynn by shooting her with a gun. Lynn didn't survive, but came back as a walking corpse. But she hates herself for killing her lover foolishly and an innocent. And she now lures and tortures or kills men, to try to get over her lovers death.


  • She is died at the age of 19.
  • Her birthday is June 4th.
  • She is heterosexual
  • She would never target another woman to stalk she only goes after men.
  • She works as a waitress at a restaurant during the daytime.
  • She gets into a lot of street fights, and also She is still human so she does get damage or hurt when her victims fight back.
  • The wounds or bruises that she gets, will never heal since she's not alive
  • Her creator is ItzMeBruh456 on deviantart.
  • She was never taught that murder or violence was bad, so when she murders men, she thinks it as a punishment.
  • She stalks depressed men or men who waste their lifes, and lures them into her home, and tortures them their, keeping them in cages.
  • She sometimes kills innocent ones that she can find if she's angry or for fun.
  • She is weak in some levels of combat, but she is still able to defend herself against a threat.
    • Has many scars, cuts, wounds, and bruises on her body.
    • She isn't much of a heartless person, she does still show kindness towards others, but she mostly likes to act a bit tough and doesn't like to show her gentle and soft side to others.
    • She acts sweet, and sassy when you first meet her, but can get angry, cruel or violent easily.
    • She can be soft and gentle sometimes either when someone (an innocent) is badly injured, or her friends are hurt.
    • She doesn't murder or torture as you may call it for her own pleasure, she does it as an addiction like smoking does. 
    • She doesn't like being called her actual real name, it angers her since Simon said Linda was a pretty name. 
    • She thinks herself a monster, since she could’ve never murdered her boyfriend, and never gotten a murdering addiction.  
    • Once she was 16, she ran away from her orphanage lying to others that she was adopted but she actually burned down the orphanage a day after she left.  
    • She doesn't like to target the innocent since she believes they still have a life and a meaning in the world, she will kill the innocent if she is too pissed off, or she goes on a killing spree which she does each holiday, or a person catches her eye (such as if they look pretty and she gets jealous)  
    • She gets jealous of others easily  
    • Has a stuffed bear she had since birth and she usually uses it to stuff weapons in to put in her bag so if someone opens her bag they only see a stuffed bear instead of immediately seeing the weapons.  
    • The torture or beating she went through as a child inspired her to think that torture was a good way of punishment.  
    • Her height is 5'5  
    • She is a cannibal and she mostly eats her victims hearts after their death.  
    • She can't really feel pain or taste anything
      • She doesn't really need to eat or sleep.
        • She will rip out her victims heart when they die and dig her knife into their chest and draw a heart with an x going through it. This is her signature, her signature means heartless since she never gives mercy onto her victims.  
        • Her tastebuds aren't strong. She doesn't really taste the real taste of a food. Like if she bit into a manga or apple, or orange she wouldn't taste anything. If it's something really sugary she will kinda taste it but she never liked anything too sugary. Not that she needs to actually sleep or eat. But when she eats an actual organ or heart she says it's kinda the perfect food since she can kinda taste it since of the strong fluids and things the heart or organ has. She likes the taste of a human heart better than a kidney or another organ.  
        • She usually only takes out her victims heart to claim it as a trophy but eat it afterward.
    • As a human torturer, she doesn't use only one weapon or usually any weapons to kidnap her victims, but to torture her victims she uses a lot of weapons. But she still always has weapons on her just in case she needs to quickly finish someone off if they see something, or if the victim fights back and is no use.  
    • Unlike other dead corpses or other creepypasta. Lynn wasn't gifted with much "special powers", but she does have a few abilities that are useful.
    • Her body may be slower, but her body is hard to destroy. She is not extremely strong, but she has the strength to take someone down. Due to her past fighting, she is extremely skilled to take someone down. Even if she is slow, she finds a way to beat someone. She usually uses all her body strength when fighting. Her reflexes can become fast, but later, she will be more slower since she used up more of her energy.  
    • Lynn had been taught ballet when she was small. So she is able to bend her body in weird ways. And she had been taught how to balance really well.  
    • Lynn isn't very smart, but she is very creative.  
    • She has an ability that allows her to cause the victim pain, but without touching them. She has to stare into their eyes, and they will get hypnotized, they can't move. Hard thing is, she has to not blink and always keep her eyes directly staring into her victims. They will feel massive amounts of pain, but be unable to move. She has to do it exactly when they look into her eyes. However, she will be slower after since the more energy she uses, the more slower she gets, but will soon build up more energy. She first discovered this when doing this to a victim. She can't explain how she got this, she thinks it came when she went into the sewer and a weird radiation gas was in the air. But since it didn't affect her, she let it go into her nose and into her lungs.  
    • She is heterosexual.  
    • She carries around a bag or PURSE with her all the time. Usually carrying stuff like her weapons and drugs in there.
    • She carries around pepper spray in her bag.
    • The torturing she went through as a child inspired her to think torturing or beating someone is a punishment and not a big deal.
    • She used to kill small animals such as nice, rats or ants when little.  
    • She has a small pet named Fluffy, who she found in the woods. She really adores Fluffy since he's always there for her. He's not a dog she doesn't even know what he is yet she still loves him.  
    • She has a teddy bear named Mr. Pickles.  
    • She uses her bear to stuff small weapons or drugs such as her knives, gun, etc. And she puts the teddy with the weapons inside of her bag for the weapons not to be immediately noticed.  
    • She doesn't know how to swim.