Linda Clark Mulligun was a girl had a huge crush on her best friend, Simon. She was obsessed with him, and would stalk him. When she confessed that she loved him. he accepted and they started dating. But he cheated on her with another girl. Follow her story of obsession, being cheated on, and snapping.


She wears a dark dirty blue sweater with rips, and tears, and black sweat pants with one rip on the side. She has two open wounds on her right cheek and on her left side of her face, she also has a wound. She is a blonde and green eyes. She wears brown boots. She carries a brown bag with her at all times.


Lynn is a very cheerful girl, to the point of smiling even after having to torture someone to death, even with her attitude change, (she quickly becomes violent and cruel) she still always seems to be in a playful manner. For a childish killer, she is extremely skilled for stealth, she also seems to love mocking and teasing others and make them feel creepied out.

Ly Lynn is said to be mentally unstable but it was never confirmed. She seems to have a twisted way of showing her "love" to someone. She seems to always be happy or cheerful until something angers her. When something angers her, she quickly becomes violent and will either throw a tantrum by throwing whatever she can everywhere or start screaming curses and say rude or offensive things.

Lynn is a


Linda Clark Mulligun grew up as an orphan. Linda never had any friends, and most people teased or mocked her for her clumsy and stubborn behavior. She usually got beaten or whipped by the orphan mothers since she was disobident. Linda soon got the idea in her head that torture or beating was okay to do. Linda would sometimes catch rats and beat them to death. Linda also started getting intrested in seeing people fighting on the streets, so since she was a child and did not know what was good or bad. She as a child since repeated what she saw or heard, she became more violent and cruel to others when they teased or angered her. Which made other people stay mostly away from her. About when she turned 10, she began a crush on a boy named Simon. But that little crush, soon turned into an obsession. She began sneaking out at night only to watch him sleep, and usually started stalking him. Linda adored Simon, mostly because he didn't care how stubborn and clumsy she was. And he actually listened to her, and treated her as a friend. Linda was happy, he treated her and gave her attention and affection. And was there when she was sad. Linda soon confessed to Simon when they were older. They began dating, but Linda got more and more possessive. She would act sweet around Simon, and most likely tease him, but would stalk and admire him more than usual and followed him everywhere. However that soon changed when Linda was heartbroken to see Simon make out with another woman. Linda was so furious, but confused. She was panicking that she was going to lose him, but was also angry with him. She looked Simon in a cage, and soon then showed him the dead body of the woman he cheated on her with. Linda got so angry about his crying and whining that she smashed a vase on his head, killing him slowly. Linda couldn't believe what she had done. But Simon actually grabbed the pistol from her bag which she threw onto the floor carelessly and tried to shoot her to death. He only shot one bullet that actually hit Lynns chest. She survived however. But she came back, angry and sad over the death of her lover. She would pretend to be interested in men, and lure them into her home, but then torture them gruesomely.


  • She is 19 years old.
  • Her birthday is June 4th.
  • She is straight.
  • She would never target another woman to stalk she only goes after men.
  • She works as a waitress at a restaurant.
  • She gets into a lot of street fights, and also She is still human so she does get damage or hurt when her victims fight back.
  • Her creator is ItzMeBruh456 on deviantart.
  • She was never taught that murder or violence was bad, so when she murders men, she thinks it as a punishment.
  • She stalks depressed men or men who waste their lifes, and lures them into her home, and tortures them their, keeping them in cages.
  • She sometimes kills innocent ones that she can find if she's angry or for fun.
  • She is weak in some levels of combat, but she is still able to defend herself against a threat.
    • Has many scars, cuts, wounds, and bruises on her body.
    • She isn't much of a heartless person, she does still show kindness towards others, but she mostly likes to act a bit tough and doesn't like to show her gentle and soft side to others.
    • She acts sweet, and sassy when you first meet her, but can get angry, cruel or violent easily.
    • She can be soft and gentle sometimes either when someone (an innocent) is badly injured, or her friends are hurt.
    • She doesn't murder or torture as you may call it for her own pleasure, she does it as an addiction like smoking does. 
    • She doesn't like being called her actual real name, it angers her since Simon said Linda was a pretty name. 
    • She thinks herself a monster, since she could’ve never murdered her boyfriend, and never gotten a murdering addiction.  
    • Once she was 16, she ran away from her orphanage lying to others that she was adopted but she actually burned down the orphanage a day after she left.  
    • She doesn't like to target the innocent since she believes they still have a life and a meaning in the world, she will kill the innocent if she is too pissed off, or she goes on a killing spree which she does each holiday, or a person catches her eye (such as if they look pretty and she gets jealous)  
    • She gets jealous of others easily  
    • Has a stuffed bear she had since birth and she usually uses it to stuff weapons in to put in her bag so if someone opens her bag they only see a stuffed bear instead of immediately seeing the weapons.  
    • The torture or beating she went through as a child inspired her to think that torture was a good way of punishment.