Linda Clark Mulligan or Lovesick Lynn is a type of demon that seduces men, pretending to be in love with them, later to kidnap or drug them, and take them into her home, where she will torture and beat them to death, drinking their blood and eating their hearts to keep her beauty, shape, and health up. Follow her story of being abandoned, being stuck in a human trafficking system and being forced into child labor, escaping the system, falling in love but being betrayed later on, and being shot to death, then being brought back to life as a demon.


To be honest, Lynn is a very beautiful woman. Her looks are made to attract anyone. Lynn has light wavy blonde hair, tied in a loose ponytail, on her head she has tiny horns that will soon grow more as time passes, so she wears a fedora to cover it up, she has emerald green eyes, which used to be blue but when returning back to earth as a demon, they turned out green. She wears a green tank top with dark blue jeans under her dark gray jacket. She stuffs weapons in the pockets that her jacket has inside. She wears dark brown boots also Lynn's front teeth look like any normal human's, but however, her back teeth, are extremely razor-sharp teeth, like sharks, her back teeth sharp coming in handy when she tries to chew or eat a human heart. Sometimes when she is talking or breathing with her mouth her back teeth show, so to be safe, she wears the mouth mask.


Lynn was rumored to have been taken when barely born from the hospital. The person who had taken her was said to need a young child to sell into slavery or human trafficking, for a large amount of money someone was offering. Lynn as a child was forced to work in a child labor and human trafficking system until she was sold to when 12, to a man who would force Lynn to wear revealing clothing while doing sexual dances and movements with her body, and he would record it all on tape, and post it on the dark web. The man sometimes got paid by other people to record a video of him doing sexual actions to a young minor, mostly a female and he did that to Lynn a couple of times. One day, the FBI actually came in busting through the door and arrested him. Lynn, however, fled the scene, because of being scared of the strangers barging into the house. She was left homeless for a while, looking for food on the streets. As a small uneducated child, Lynn was innocent and didn't know the differences between right or wrong. Lynn found a house in the deep woods that she claimed as her home, and she was mostly lost and alone in the world. Though the house, in the basement, used to be a torture room where a family in the late 1600's would torture their slaves when they misbehaved. Lynn began to steal food, and clothing by robbing other houses and shoplifting, and she began to also watch street fights, and sometimes they would reward money to fight a person and beat them up badly so she began to get in the fights, fighting and attacking other people for money. She also got into the addiction to smoking and sometimes using drugs. Lynn at a young age had to be all alone in the world, and learn to do things, such as make and look for her own food, have a sense of style, how to act like a normal person and blend in. Lynn during the time, she had made her first friend, a boy named Simon who usually was always walking on the streets of the city, Simon would mostly teach her new things and mostly help her act like a normal girl and was always there as a sweet friend for her. Lynn as she grew older, she began developing feelings for him, but then it became an obsession. She would follow and stalk him, and watch him sleep and all that kind of stuff. And usually acting extremely sweet around him, hugging, admiring him. When she turned about 17, she confessed her love to Simon and he accepted her confession and both became a couple. But when she turned 19, she walked in on Simon having intercourse with another woman, and she returned home crying. Lynn literally than began to make herself believe that Simon needed to be punished, and if she got rid of the girl, he would love her, and her only again. She thought that Simon needed to be tortured, so she can make him forcefully love her only again. He needed to love her and her only, he deserved this. Lynn had mixed feelings for Simon, both feeling love and hate for him. Lynn kidnapped Simon and kept him in a cage in the basement, but later after showing him the corpse of the girl, he cheated on her with. He revealed she was actually pregnant with his child and broke down in tears. Lynn even though she was extremely regretting killing the girl, she was still angry at Simon. And got too annoyed with his crying, that in anger and rage she mashed a vase against Simons' head, almost killing him, but Simon grabbed a gun that was on the floor and shot Lynn to death along with him. Lynn mysteriously came back to life as a demon that has many abilities to manipulate or mind control their victims by seduction, and mostly to keep their appearance as a normal human, and themselves healthy, they need to feed off a living things blood and usually also heart or living organs. Now, Lynn roams the earth, targetting men that she believes as useless or spoiled to human society, and she manipulates them to go into a relationship with her, then only later to torture and beat them to death or starve them by drinking their blood, and later, when they barely die, she will take rip out their fresh heart, and feast on it, and maybe feast on the flesh also. Only to move onto to another victim, by the victim. 


  • Lynn needs to suck the blood out of her victims and eat their flesh and organs to survive, if she doesn't do so, her skin will begin to rot, and she will slowly begin to die, and her reflexes will become slower
  • Her creator is ItzMeBruh456 on Deviantart and AnimeGirl45 on fandom.
  • She was 19 when she died, now she is 23 years old.
  • Lynn as a demon now looks the same for all of her life, meaning she can be like 600 years old and still look like the same 23-year-old girl.
  • She lives in her own house in the woods.
  • She is heterosexual.
  • Lynn is a master at manipulating and tricking people to doing her deeds, she always comes up with a way to make people do what she wants. Plus, she has powers that help her hypnotize someone and reboot their minds, making them forget what happened during that day, or causes a loud screeching noise in her victims when she hypnotized them.
  • She sometimes pours her own blood into a glass cup and gives it to her victims. Her blood is like a poison. When a living thing drinks it, they will start to feel dizzy and start acting crazy drunk but in a few minutes lose consciousness. This helps when kidnapping her victims.
  • She can hypnotize someone by staring directly into their eyes, she can cause a loud screeching noise in their head, and make them perform actions for her by controlling their limbs and making them move like a puppet with strings. She also has an ability to rebook people or make them forget what had happened in that very moment or during the day.