Laughing Jill was once a girl's best friend, but when her friend was sent to the church, everything Jill loved disappears. Follow her through her story on making a friend, losing her and going insane.

Before Jill became dark, she was colorful just like Laughing Jack . When her friend was sent to church, Jill's color started disappearing and quickly went dark. She looks like Laughing Jack but as a girl version of him. She has longer hair and a dress. Her weapon of choice is a chainsaw.


When she was colorful, she was happy and a prankster. After turning dark, she became unhappy and aggressive. There's still a little bit of happiness in her, but it's not often shown.


Mary was a lonely child. Even though she's rich, she's unhappy. Her father works as an entrepreneur and her mother was an alcoholic. She was a smart girl, but she hated it. She wants to be like the other normal kids, but she couldn't. One Christmas, her parents gave her a Laughing Jill in the box. When she crank up the box, Jill pops out and the minute they talk to each other, they became best friends.

Due to this, Mary became rude to her parents, including Jill. Jill would prank her parents and Mary would be blamed for. However, Mary would tell them that it was Laughing Jill who did these pranks, but they thought she was going crazy. This continued for a while until Mary's parents decided to send Mary to church so that she can forget about Jill. Ever since she left, Laughing Jill became upset and started losing her color.

After a year, Mary came home for Christmas. She wasn't excited to see her parents, only Jill. She still remembers her because she pretends that she thinks Jill is a demon. Mary found Laughing Jill and saw that she changed. Mary asked why and Jill explained, but after finishing her explanation, Mary was shot. Jill saw that Mary's mother had a gun in her hand and imminently snapped. Later that night, Jill killed her mother, her father, and the nuns

At the end, Jill ran away and went into hiding. She's still out there today. Now here's a question for you; what's that behind you? the end


  • Jill is about 19 years old
  • Her nickname is LJ as well
  • Her creator is Not an alchepopic READ TAGLINE
  • Her catch phrase is "What's that behind you?"


Theme song: Funhouse - P!nk