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Laughing Jade

Laughing Jade is a clown with a half monochrome body and a half rainbow body, much like Laughing Jack before he lost his coloring. She always made sure she wasn't covered with her victims blood when the park opened everyday.


She is bipolar. She looks happy on the outside but she is really crying her eyes out on the inside. Her best friend is Ticci Toby. Toby has known her since he was a kid. He always loved the circus because she was his favorite!


Jade walked around the empty amusement park. She had been thinking about how the kids would be there soon " Oh Jesus!!!! My head is spinning!" She was very dizzy about the previous night's actions. "Maybe..... you shouldn't have been out so late KILLING CHILDREN!!!!" Laughing Jack.... he and Jill never failed at making her feel bad every single day! "We run a FREAKING AMUSEMENT PARK!!!! What do you think parents will do when they notice kids going missing and clowns covered in blood?!?!?!?" Jade teared up and ran away with her head buried in her hands. Later that day Jack and Jill were wondering what happened to their fellow clown, Jade..She hadn't been seen all day! Jade was on the broken down Farris Wheel, crying her eyes out when she noticed that there was more than tears on her palms." Is that.....?" She wiped her face hoping to dry her tears but she noticed her coloring was fading away and coming off!! "Hey!! Is anyone there?? I've lost my mom!!" Jades ears perked up and she hopped down behind the lost child. She was ready to kill him when she stopped. "Hey! I'll help you find her!"She said hoping to calm the child. He looked at her as if in a trance but he shook his head and grabbed her hand.When they got to the ticket booth, a frantic mother was pacing around worried out of her mind! " Huh!!! Toby!!! I thought you weren't coming back!! I was so worried!! Thank you.....?" "Jade! My name is Jade!" She said quickly but she turned around suddenly due to a tugging sensation on her scalp!"Yes?" She felt a sharp prick on her neck, and she passed out.she woke up 4 hours later and realized that she was chained to the wall with half of her body was faded and monochromatic!" What did you do to me?!?!" She just broke down and cried. There was no way of going back now! She was stuck that way forever!! Never to see Toby again....She cried until, yet again, she felt a prick on her neck and fell asleep to the sound of Jacks demonic laughter.