Do you want some Candy Kiddo?
~ Laughing Jack's catchphrase.

Laughing Jack was an imaginary friend to a little boy. That is until the boy forgot about him. Follow his story through being made, forgotten, and becoming a killer clown.


Created by a guardian angel, Laughing Jack was at first a Jack-in-the-box clown whose personality reflected the personality of his hypothetical owners. He was later sent as a Christmas present to a lonely boy named Isaac Grossman in the 1800s.

However, Isaac eventually grew into a cold-hearted serial killer who kidnapped, tortured, and eventually killed several innocent residents. Though horrified at first, Laughing Jack's personality was soon tainted by Isaac's sinister actions. One day, Laughing Jack was accidentally released and he appeared to be a taller, darker and demonic version of himself. Resentful of his traitorous owner, he tortured and ultimately killed him using the same weapons Isaac used.

As time passes, Laughing Jack continues to appear to children, most of them lonely or neglected, and pretending to be their imaginary friend. However, he eventually tortures and kills them for no reason other than the simple fact that he hates kids and wants to see them suffer.


At first, Laughing Jack was an innocent, sweet, and pure-hearted angelic creation who tried his best to comfort Isaac, considering how lonely he was. However, Isaac's late actions significantly affected in a particularly negative way the gift, which became more and more disturbed and psychotic with time; Laughing Jack, originally colored, lost his hues as Isaac's actions corrupted it.

Eventually, Laughing Jack became totally black and white, as he reached a point of non-return and fully embraced his demonic form. Currently, Laughing Jack presents itself as a figure of pure evilness, remorseless and violent in its very core, who take pleasure in killing and torturing those he were once designed to protect (children).


  • Since he's imaginary, he's ageless.
  • He was created by SnuffBomb and he appears in the stories Laughing Jack and The Origin of Laughing Jack.
  • Laughing Jack is like a ragdoll and has no internal organs or genitals. His chest is filled with stuffing and his costume is part of his body.