Katrina Pyno also known as Katrina Pyro was an ordinary girl at her high school. One day, when she and some friends were camping in the forest, she encountered the Slenderman and became addicted to starting fires. Follow her journey through ordinary, encounter, pyromaniac, and insane.

Her weapons are a lighter and a can of gasoline.

Appearance Edit

Before going insane, Katrina had smooth, long red hair, white skin, and yellow-gold eyes. After going insane, her hair started to stick out everywhere and a lot of it was burned off. Her skin became patchy with burn scars, and, because of her paranoia and lack of sleep, her sclera changed to red with red veins branching across the whites of her eyes.

Her attire consists of a black leather jacket, a dirty and slightly tattered purple T-shirt with a Smiley Emoji on it, black skinny jeans, grey socks, black boots, worn fingerless black gloves, and sometimes wears a backwards turned lavender baseball cap.


Before going insane, Katrina was cheerful, polite, and social. When she met the Slenderman, Katrina became paranoid and an insomniac, lashing out at things she thought were there when really they weren't. When she went insane, Katrina became mean, rude, and unstable.

When she is around her friends (Creepypasta, family, or other) she is fun to be around, has a cool head, and is a troublemaker.


At her high school, Katrina was normal; she had a lot of friends, was well-liked by everyone, and was a party-goer. She was always fun to hang around, and her friends and family loved her for it. One day, some of her friends, including her best friends Dan and Carly, were going to Slender's Wood on a camping trip, and invited Katrina to join them. The camping trip was really fun, and Katrina and her friends had a fun time going fishing, hiking, and partying. One night, Dan told the urban tale surrounding the mysterious Slenderman, who Slender's Wood was named after. After the story, Katrina was spooked and began to feel on edge. Carly assured her that the story was only a legend, and there was no way it could be true. Katrina listened to her friend and was self-assured, but still had a bad feeling.

Later that night, Katrina woke up in the middle of the night to hear scratching and growling noises outside her tent. Being careful to not wake Carly, bringing her flashlight with her, Katrina ventured outside. Nothing was there. Instantly she began to panic, repeatedly telling herself she was only being paranoid, and it was probably just a forest animal.

The next thing she heard was someone or something calling her name. Katrina was really scared now, violent tremors taking over her whole body, making her curl up on the cold, leaf-strewn ground. Her head was hurting extremely and she couldn't think; and everything faded to black.

When Katrina awoke, she was laying on her back, surrounded on all sides by the dense wood. She scrambled to her feet and searched herself for her flashlight, found it, and turned it on. She looked around her surroundings with the flashlight, and that's when she saw it: a freakishly tall, faceless, pale creature wearing a black suit and red tie. As she stared at it in horror, it said her name again, and white static echoed through her skull.

The next morning, her friends found Katrina gone, and searched the forest for her. Dan was the one to find her first. Katrina was lying against a tree, rocking back and forth, mumbling nonsense. Concerned, Dan and Carly drove Katrina to the hospital, where she was diagnosed as suffering from some sort of extreme mental trauma.

Months after the trip to the hospital, Katrina paranoia and insomnia were wrecking her sanity. She couldn't eat at the family table without trying to stab herself or a family member. She also got to the point where one day, she was found in the kitchen holding a lighter and looking around in a disoriented way. She kept muttering about a creature called The Slenderman. Eventually, her family and friends decided that it would be best for Katrina if she was sent to an asylum. On the way to the asylum, her parents stopped at a gas station. While the dad was getting the gas, Katrina got out of the car, went in the gas station, bought a cigarette lighter, grabbed a can of gasoline, and put the whole gas station up in flames. Her parents and herself did not die in the explosion, though her parents received several burns, Katrina's burns far more severe, all three of them unconscious.

When Katrina awoke, she was in a hospital, strapped to a hospital bed, her body covered with bandages. When the doctor came in the room, Katrina asked if her parents were alright, having recalled what had happened the day before. The doctor said yes and Katrina felt better about it. Then the doctor told Katrina her condition and mental instability and Katrina froze up. She remembered where her parents were taking her, and she didn't like the idea. Using strength she did not know she possessed, she broke free, killed the doctor, and ran away.

Later, when her parents found out what happened, they tried to find her, and then a search party reported they had found a body in the woods that looked like their daughter. Katrina's family and friends were deeply grieved by the loss of Katrina. However, the girl found in the woods was not Katrina. Katrina was alive and is living at The Slenderman's Mansion.


  • Katrina's close friend and mentor is Ticci-Toby. (He also serves as her confidant when she is distressed or having problems controlling her temper).
  • She treats Lulu, Clockwork, Sally, and Lazari like sisters.
  • She is approximately 18 years old.
  • Occasionally, she will go on a fire spree with Jeff the Killer and Ticci-Toby. (And anyone else who is a pyromaniac).
  • She is good friends with Pick Pocket and Silent Scream.
  • Her family are still living, but don't know she is alive.
  • Her creator is SuperSilverXtreme14.

Theme SongEdit

"Forest" - by Twenty One Pilots