Jeff the Killer, born Jeffery Woods, is an adolescent serial killer and registered Creepypasta. Disfigured after being set on fire while fighting a gang of bullies, Jeff lost his sanity after witnessing his face.


Before being burned, he was quiet and antisocial but not to people who knew him well. But after the incident, he became insane and extremely violent.



From the cost of his father's promotion, Jeff and his family moved to a new "fancy" neighborhood. As they did, Jeff started to have weird feelings every day. That is until he and his brother Liu got attacked by some skateboard punks. As they did, Jeff defended him and his younger brother, by stabbing them and beating them. Soon after, the police came to arrest Jeff for brutally beating the boys. Liu took the blame however and was arrested in his brother's place. This would send Jeff into a psychological distress that would affect his life. With his world collapsing around him, Jeff found the strength to attend a birthday party of a neighbor only to be jumped by the bullies he beat. Jeff manages to defend himself well until he is set on fire by one of the bullies.

When Jeff awoke, he found his face getting cast. His family was standing by his side, crying for joy that he lived. As they took off the cast, they were shocked how his face had deformed. Upon seeing his face, Jeff entered a state of insanity, saying he loved his new appearance. The doctor present dismissed this off as the effect of the anesthetics. Days later Jeff's family take him home.

Later that night, Jeff mom heard crying in the bathroom. She got up and went to check what it was. When she entered the bathroom, she found Jeff cutting himself in the cheeks, making him look like he is smiling. She also notices his eyelids are burned, so Jeff can stay awake forever. When the Dad checked on his wife, Jeff charged at them, with a knife in his hand, stabbing his mother and father. Next, Jeff quietly walked into his brother's room. As he holds his brother down, Liu tried to talk some sense into him, but it was too late. Jeff whispered in Liu's ear "Go to Sleep", and stabbed him. As the story continues, Jeff renamed himself "Jeff the Killer".

Burning Jane and Disappearance

After murdering his family, Jeff carves smiles into their faces just like his and arranges them at the dinner table. Just as he finished, the Arkansaws, the new family friends, arrive for Jeff's return dinner. Jeff allows them to walk into the house before slaughtering them both and carving smiles into their faces as well. Much later that night, Jane Arkansaw came to investigate the absence of her parents upon waking up from fainting. Jeff sees through the window armed and coaxes her to cross the street to his home. Once she is inside, Jeff knocks her out and ties her to a chair at the end of the dinner table.

Jeff explains to her that he appreciated her attempts of socializing with him and was going to repay her by making her "beautiful". He proceeds to douse her with bleach and alcohol before lighting her and the house on fire. Paramedics quickly arrive at the scene to save and treat her. Jeff, disappointed with the failure of Jane's "makeover" sends her a bouquet of flowers with a note saying he'll succeed the next time they meet.

Powers and Abilities

  • Skilled Combat- Though it is not known if Jeff received a formal training for his fighting prowess, nevertheless Jeff is skilled at both armed and unarmed combat. At a young age, he was able to overwhelm several older children. His skill with his knife is uncanny as he is able to fight on par with trained operatives. His skills only improved as he got older.
  • Peak human condition- By unknown circumstances, Jeff's strength, speed, and senses have been trained to peak human levels. At a young age, Jeff was able to effortlessly break bones and overpower adults much bigger than him. Jeff is also able to run great distances in very little amounts of time. His senses are also impressive as he can hear the heartbeats of possible victims within an unknown range.
  • High pain tolerance- Due to nerve damage acquired from his last fight against his bullies, Jeff's pain receptors do not work as well as they normally would. Because of this, Jeff can continue to fight and run while severely injured. Even with noticeable pain, Jeff seems to ignore it.
  • Healing factor- Alongside his high pain tolerance, Jeff has a sort of healing factor attributed to his altered genes from exposure to mystic intervention. This healing factor does not save Jeff from all injuries and can be overtaxed if he is pushed too far. However, it is very reliable when it comes to sudden situations. This healing factor is what saved Jeff whilst he was being burnt, but it was unable to react fast enough to grow cells as fast as they were being destroyed. The healing factor may seem to work subconsciously, which may explain some inconsistencies. For example, Jeff's signature scars do not seem to heal due to the fact that is what Jeff believes he looks like but his eyelids do grow back because he needed sleep.
  • Durability- Even with his healing factor, Jeff can take a lot of damage and still keep going. Jeff's endurance allows him to take on much more powerful opponents. Jeff is able to take a hit from Slender Man's tendrils through a tree and continue to fight him despite how devastating the blow was.
  • Stealth- Jeff's level of skill when it comes to stealth is almost implausible. Jeff can appear behind his victim in the mirror and disappear the moment they turn around. He is also able to fade in and out of shadows with ease. This level of stealth gives him an even scarier tone to him which he likes in his victims.


  • Jeff's infamous catchphrase is "Go to Sleep"
  • He is always aggressive and bloodthirsty.
  • He killed Jane the Killer's family
  • He is 13 years old in the original story, it is unknown how old he is now.
  • He's in the comic "I Eat Pasta For Breakfast"


Theme song: Painted Smile - Madame Macabre