Jax: 14




Personality: Friendly and trustworthy to other pasta's and to innocent children.

Gets angry at small things and when things don't go right.

He has Bipolar disorder and head trauma that creates illusions to make him see every human 14 and up as his killer.

Clothes: He wears a green hoodie that has a smiling star on it ( now bloody ) and black jeans with holes in them, his eyes covered in blood causes them to appear bright red.

Powers: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Mind control, Flight, shape-shifting, superhuman strength, stealth.

Weapon: Ax

Theme song: Seven Nation army Nightcore ⁽ Switching vocals )

Catchphrase: " Lets put an ax to your end "

Crush: Tici Toby

He is loving and caring to children and looks at himself as the father of young creepypasta's.

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite food: Sweets

Body type: Light build

weight: 125 lbs

Height: 5'6

Pasta type: Vengeful spirit


Jax Riosca, is a boy who lived with his parents. One day he noticed that he wasn't attracted to women. So, he told his friend Jane. He asked her to keep it a secret but she couldn't. She told three of the popular girls and word got around. People began bullying him, but one boy. He told jax he was fine with it. Over time they drew a connection with each other. Over the past few days, the bullying began to die down. Except Jane, and the popular kids. Jax asked his mom if the boy ( Dotty ), could come over and hang out. She politely agreed.

Jax and Dotty were playing video games when Dotty leaned over and kissed Jax, He pulled away and they looked at each other before kissing again. Jax's dad came in and saw what they were doing. He grabbed jax by the arm and yanked him up smacking him and throwing him to the side. He grabbed Dotty and pulled him downstairs and told jax's mom everything. Dotty's dad pocked him up. Jax's dad picked him up and threw him in a closet. He begged to get out but he gave up. Jax seen a boy in the closet and backed up, the boy spoke. " Jax... " Jax kicked down the door and ran out up into his room and hid in his closet, his dad came up and found him. The next morning his parents were going on a date night so they got his aunt, Ann to watch him. She came by and seen he was crying so she comforted him before she had to go to work.

She came home, and said " Lets play hide and seek... You hide i'll count. " he agreed and over time she found me. She looked at me and he smiled, but something was odd. Jax walked over to her to ask what was wrong. But she pulled out a knife and cut his face. He fell down onto the ground and tried to step backwards. But she pilled out a gun and shot him in the face, and the body. she drug him out to the tool shed and grabbed a chainsaw, she proceeded to cut off his limbs then she left. He seen a girl with a black and white dress and a stitched on smile with button eyes. She stitched him back up and said " I would turn you into a doll, but you're the perfect one for us. " He could see perfectly. Then she said " Im voodoo dahlia.. Not much people know me, but im a friend. " She got up and said one more thing, " Unfortunately, i couldn't fix your head well.. But that's okay... " She disappeared into black smoke.

He got up and grabbed an ax, then he looked in the house and seen her. He ran in and slammed the ax into her head. He looked down and seen it was his mom, but he didn't care. He seen her again and killed her once again only to see his father. He laughed and that girls words came into his head " Every human you shall see, shall look like your killer. " So he decided that no matter what even if they were human he would kill them to make sure his killer was dead.


Actual call received by a police station now shut down.

Woman: Hello! Hello!

Operator: 911 what is your emergency?

Woman: There is a boy in my house!

Operator: Okay, ma'am calm dow-

woman: He has an ax!

Operator: Oka- okay, describe his appearance.

Woman: He has cuts and bullet wounds all on hi-

-Loud male scream-

Operator: What was that?

Woman: He has a green shirt on with a bloody star on it. An- and black jeans with holes in them and black hair....

Operator: Okay can you guess an age?

Woman: 13 maybe 14...

Operator: Okay where is your address?

- inaudible -

Operator: Im sorry, what?

Unknown: Let's put an ax to your end...

Operator: Hello? Ma'am!? Are you okay!?

- hangs up -

( I put that in to describe how Jax looks... )

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