Hello, I'm Rosey Len. I am going to tell you a story of my boyfriend called Ice Boy.


Ice Boy was just a normal 18 year old like me but he had ice powers. Ice Boy only allowed me to call him Snowflake or just Snow. Snow was a demanding type of person. He demands respect. Lots of respect from others. Everyone in school feared Snow. Even the school's administrators feared him. Everyone except me.When I looked at Snow for the first time, I knew that we could be friends. Snow got what he wanted at school. Snow wanted respect, straight A's without doing the assignments, and he wante to do whatever he wanted. I lost count on how many times he threatened to freeze the Freshmens if they didn't do what he told them to do. Unlike the others, I found Snow quite charming instead of scary. Snow was the "It" student at our school. He wasn't rich nor poor.Snow would always take me ice skating since Snow and I both love to ice skate. That day in the summer is when everything changed. Snow pounded on my front door and I knew something was wrong. When I opened the door, Snow walked to my couch and sat there and started crying. I sat next to him after I closed the door. I hugged him and asked him what was wrong and Snow's reply was: "He killed her!" I knew what Snow meant by "her." Snow meant that his mother, Sara, was killed by a man. When I asked Snow who killed her, his reply was sort of a story. Snow replied: "Bob killed my mother! I heard them fighting and I ran down the stairs and I saw Bob slap her and I was able to freeze his feet for a short amount of time. After Bob broke the ice, he started walking towards mother and I ran in front of her and I tried to protect Mother, but even with my own power, I couldn't slow him down again. I even made many ice weapons that I could think of and use them against him, but they broke each time they hit him. Bob was unstoppable. Once he got close to me, he grabbed me by the neck and threw me across the room and I hit the wall and everything went black. When I came to, Mother was dead on the ground and Bob was no where to be seen. I tried to get up, but I had a headache and I was in pain and so I couldn't move. After I layed there for a few, I was able to get up and once I got up, I ran to Mother and I cuddled her like she used to cuddle me when I was younger. I was weak. I, then, layed her down on the couch and I had to get out of there or I was going to be sick. Then I ran here." I cuddled Snow and I offered him that he can live with me, and he agreed. I regretted making that offer. It was three full months and it got very personal. Snow got me pregnant. Snow knew about me being pregnant with his child... Somehow. Snow was never rude to me when we first met. When our daughter was born, we named her Frost. We would sometimes call her Frosty in her life. It was November 25th, three days before Snow's birthday, when Frosty was taken from us. Snow had trouble sleeping, and he would start crying at a random time. Wether it is early in the morning, in the afternoon, or late at night. A year passed and Frosty's case was closed. Her kidnapper was caught and charged with kidnapping, rape, and murder. Snow couldn't handle the thought of our daughter was taken from us. He changed the day Frosty's kidnapper was captured and put in prison. Snow started using his powers to kill people by freezing them to death. Snow would come back home and spend lots of time with me. The man I loved, and carried his child was gone. Even though he is a murderer, I still love him. Snow still has his charm, and he still demands respect from others.


Ice wears a light blue hoodie, a silver mask with a light blue snowflake in the center,he wears silver fingerless gloves, he has silver eyes, silvery-white hair, he wears dark blue pants and light blue and silver shoes.


A naginata made of ice.


  • Snow is 18.
  • His ice powers let him feel like the cold is like summer.
  • He is demanding, has a multi-personality, anger issues, and is emotional.
  • He has a charm.
  • He is feared by everyone in his school.