You know how you can easily fix a broken toy? I'm broken, but I can't be fixed
~ Ghostly Goldie's Catchphrase

Goldlynn Shay Black was never a normal girl. Most likely due to her mental disorders and her vocal tics, which made her an easy target to bully. She was also blind in one eye, so she decided to just to sew her eyelids together. She also was going through other things, like being ungrateful for her brother’s support to the point that he raped her, and her sister Gina dying.


​Goldie never cared for her brother Kyson, even though he helped her through many problems. He later gave up on Goldie and raped her when she was 14. After that, her little sister, Gina, died due to their father Anthony running her with a car. Goldie tried to help, but was unable to. After that, Goldie was terrified of the number nine since her sister died at nine years old. She wasn't able to sleep at night because of her PTSD and ever since then, Slenderman kept stalking her through her window at night.

The next couple of weeks, Goldie started seeing Slenderman stalking her through her window day after day, but she wasn't scared of Slenderman anymore. Until one night on August 22, she saw a paper on her locker at school, telling her to throw a grenade at her house and had an arrow pointing to the floor. She saw a box there, and once she got home, she ran right straight to her room to opened the box. When opened, she saw a grenade in the box and started to get psychotic thoughts to use the grenade. She demanded herself not to, but didn't listen to herself. She put on a purple top, gray jeans, a blue jacket that had two white stripes on both of each side, some black converses, and she put her hair in pigtails. Lastly, she sewed her eyelids together and super glued a button to both of her eyes. She then got out to her house and threw the grenade at it. As her house exploded, waiting right behind her, Slenderman appeared. Taking her with him and making her one of his proxies.


  • She is very sarcastic, arrogant, insane (most likely because of her psychotic disorders, pompous and selfish ways.)
  • Her creator is Koolnash
  • She is afraid of snakes, horrifying fake flashbacks that she thinks is true, and the number nine
  • She is 18 years old
  • She likes to eat cookie dough and pancakes (but mostly pancakes)
  • She always tries not to laugh when she sees someone dead or in pain.
  • Goldie wears a blue jacket with two white stripes on the top on both of the sides

She has the following disorders

Personality Disorders-

Psychotic Disorders-

Mood Disorders-

           Vocal Tics-

            P.T.S.D.: (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

  • Her quote is "You know how you can easily fix a broken toy? I'm broken, but I can't be fixed"
  • She uses an axe that has "Ghostly Goldie" carved into the handle


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