Derick The Forgotten was a 15 year old boy who was tricked by his own older sister, Meghan, just

because she wanted to stay popular.

Appearance Edit

Before the inciden, he wore a white t shirt, blue denim jeans, and white nike shoes. His hair was nice and black, his skin was fair, and he had forest green eyes.

After the incident, he had pale skin, white vain eyes, pale skin, a white ripped t shirt, ripped blue jeans, and bloody white nike shoes.

Personality Edit

Derick is sweet, shy, and always talks to his closest friends. He will get very mad if someone hurts, kills, or even touches someone he loves.

Story Edit

Ever since Derick was a child, he would always be the smartest person in his class. The reason was that he was from a long line of geniuses and scientists. But he was also a very shy kid, but despite this, he still had a few friends. His older sister, Meghan, on the other hand was not as good at school. She was a C student, and she was popular. She would always talk about him behind his back, saying that he was just a bratty know it all. When Derick turned 15, his parents sent him to the same school as his sister. Meghan got so angry, she paid a few people to beat him up everyday so he would be scared. Soon, the bullies joined in and actually started to like beating him. They would leave notes on his desk, telling him to kill him self And other threats. He never talked to his parents because they were always too busy.

One day, Derick’s parents thought that something was mentally wrong with him. So they brought him to a therapist at an old Voodoo shop. Derick thought it was weird at first, but took The chance. The therapist’s name was Dr. Mexin, and he was very creepy. Dr. Mexin told Derick things that even he didn’t know about himself, and gave him a voodoo doll of his sister to use. The next day, Derick went to the school’s restroom and took out a needle, poking it into the doll’s head. Soon after he heard screaming outside the bathroom. His sister’s head was bleeding, and there was a hole in the middle of it. A week later, a bunch of kids started attacking Derick. They kept yelling him, saying that he killed Meghan, even though they didn’t know about the doll.

Then one of the bullies took out a knife and stabbed him in the heart. Dr. Mexin found him a few hours later, laying dead in the ally. He had put him on a bed, and then summoned many demons to bring him back to life. Derick soon woke up with his skin pale, hair messy and black, and his eyes were pure white. Derick felt more powerful with these changes. He went back home and killed his parents for never being there to help him. The neighbors thought it was dangerous, so they all moved. Dr. Mexin soon abandoned him, then, Derick was alone. He then started to haunt people, so they would see how he felt.

Facts Edit

  • He is bisexual and has a crush on Lucy the Assassin and Seth the Assassin(Killer Shadow)
  • He loves reading
  • He wants to kill Dr. Mexin for abandoning him

Theme Song Edit

Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey Edit