Charlie Stewart had been bullied in his past in in his history.


So it starts off at the beginning. There is a teen named Charlie he might have been bullied in the past he is a renegade. So here is what happened to him to lead him here.

GRADE 5 he went to school at start of the year he as always been shy at start of the year and was 7 boys 1 of these boys is my friend so my friend Charlie was bullied though the year and in September 16 he told me that he saw a tall figure in His room I said YOU DREAMING MATE and then he said fuck off in a funny voice but one of the boys behind us said that’s slender man me and Charlie said who’s that He smiled at us say look up creepypasta and then Charlie said I'am not scared of pasta the year went by fast after that the end of grade 5 well mate see you next year Charlie said yeah ok.

GRADE 6 So I know in year 5 I did not explain much but when I called Charlie he said when I left all the bully’s gathered around him kick the living sh#t out of him So half way though the year he said to me that tall slender fuck said to him join me son he did not have internet at that time so I search slender man up and my mouth dropped of what I saw I said to him the next day don’t search him up he got internet the next month he was a idiot back then at the end of the year the bully’s stay clear of Charlie course they saw evil in him. December last day of school hey you coming to my birthday he said yeah what do you like video games he said yeah I know but what type I said sonic. Saw him at my birth day he kept looking behind him I said what’s wrong you that figure I told you about I keep seeing him at night I had a great birthday.

GRADE 7 Me and Charlie went to different schools I have not seen him since 2 years later time goes by fast There was a news report yesterday I swear you not it was Charlie’s parents dead Charlie is now ? There is a manhunt on him he has taken 14 lives I know all of the bully’s are dead will he come for me the news are calling him stitcher causes he stitched all the mouths shut.

4 months later they caught the his photo he is wearing a army gree colour jacket cargo pants black and white runners a ripped up black jason mask colour faded

Real name: Charlie Stewart

state: alive

job: to take care of the proxy’s, he is a sleepper type of proxy

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