Shiori was'nt exactly a "normal" boy... kids made fun of him... of his, albinism but most of all, his color blindness. But his parents loved him for who he was. He never went to public schools for his mother home-schooled him. But that was all taken away from him when he was 6.

Shiori was playing with his dog,Taro,in the backyard of his home. White hair flowing in the breeze, pink-ish eyes glittering in the sun. He can see his dog perfectly,but, he can't see his dogs brown fur because he was color blind. He can't see any color besides the color black, white, gray and red. He only knows what red looks like, but he does'nt know what other color look like, for example brown, green, purple.... he can't see those colors... only red. And for that reason, red was his favourite color. But what he liked the most, was his mothers red hair. He felt comforted when he sees his mother, like any child would.

Mrs. Tachibana has just finished preparing dinner when she called out for him "Shiori! Dinner time!" To which he responded "Okay! Come on Taro!" He raced his dog to the door and was invited with the smell of curry, his favourite meal. Just then the door busted open, revealing Mr. Tachibana, who just came home from work. "My oh my guess who's gonna finish this" he joked, earning a smack on the arm from his wife, and a giggle from his son. Dinner was filled with laughs and jokes from his parrents and later, it was bed time. Without him knowing, it was going to be the last time he saw his parents.

As his parents tucked him to bed, they whispered "goodnight, Shiori. We love you". And with that, sleep took him over. Shiori was awakoned by a loud booming sound coming from his parents bedroom. Curious, he opened his bedroom door, only to be greeted with his mother's scream "SHIORI DONT!" And after that, everything went black. He was awakened by muffling sounds but when he opened his eyes, he wished he did'nt did so. His mother's hands were tied above her head, her legs spread wide, but most of all, she was naked. The man above his mother was grinning, at both him and his mother. "Now kid, you are going to watch every single fucking thing, that I'm going to do with your mommy" he said tugging at his belt and revealing his penis, before inserting it, into his mother's vagina. His mother screamed againts the sock in her mouth as the man thrusted at a fast pace, while Shiori, just watched helplessly and vulnerably. He could'nt do anything, for his hands and feet were bounded by ropes, and his mouth covered with a piece of cloth. 'momma' he thought helplessly as he watched his mother being raped, right in front of his eyes. When the man was done, he pulled out a pistol from his back pocket of his pants, and to his horror, was pointed at his mother's head. He tried, he tried to scream to his mother, who was looking at him with tears in her eyes. But before the man pulled the trigger, he pulled the sock out of her mouth and said "any last words to your pitiful son?". She looked at him before looking back at Shiori and muttered a "I love you" to him, and with those last words, the trigger was pulled, and the last thing Shiori saw before he passed out was, his mother's red hair, and the blood that oozed out of her wounds.

Shiori was awokened by the sound of whispering and muttering. He opened his pink-ish eyes and saw people wearing lab coats in front of him talking to each other. He realized that he was strapped to a chair, meaning there was no way to escape. He was snapped out of his thoughts when a man lifted his chin up and used a small flashlight to examine his eyes. When the man was finished, he stood up, looking at him and said in a deep voice "hello Mr. Tachibana, I am Dr. Craglin. The head scientist of this experiment". 'scientist? Experiment?' he thought. Now this, scared him. "Now then, shall we begin?" Dr. Craglin said. Shiori's eyes widened, 'wait what?! Wait a minute!' he thought, but was stopped when a strong wave of electricity hit him. Not enough to kill him, but enough to hurt very bad. He felt like passing out, but was interupted when another wave shocked him, this time stronger, more painful. He felt like he could die any minute, but to his shock he did'nt. The scientists looked suprised as well before they all smiled. "Well then, seems like we have a perfect speciment" he heard Dr. Craglin said. He managed to take a glance at the man, before blacking out completely.

It went pretty much the same for the other 6 years, being electrocuted, being fed until he threw up, multiple things being injected into his veins, swallowing multiple pills, he wished to die. He had to obey them, if he didnt, they would electrocute him non stop. Now that he was 12, he was used to it, until one day, they tried something else, to his eyes.

He was taken to a poorly lit room and strapped to a chair. 'something's wrong' he thought to himself. "This, will be your last test, Mr. Tachibana" said Dr. Craglin. 'last test?' he thought to himself. Just then, 3 other scientists entered the room, holding needles that were filled with black liquid, "well then, shall we begin?" Asked Dr. Craglin. One of the scientist forcefully opened his eyes wide, and injected the black liquid into his right eye. It hurt like hell, the pain surging from his eye to his skull was unbearable, he could'nt help but scream. When the needle was taken out though, he felt something, as if worms were crawling from his eyes, before the vision in his right eye became completely red. He heard gasps from the scientists, 'what?! What is happening?! What happened to my eye?!' he thought to himself. "Well then, lets start with the other eye, yes?" He heard Dr. Craglin said. And then, another needle, with the same liquid, was injected to his left eye. It was painful, like before, and again, he screamed in agony, when it was finally over, the same feeling went through his left eye, only this time, he could see color. At last! His dreams had came true! He could finally see what other colors look like! The white lab coats the scientist wear, the blue shirts they wear on the inside, he could finally see all of them! He could see everything! Haha! But something was wrong, the scientists all gasped and looked at each other as if something was wrong. "Did he went blind?" He heard a female scientist asked. 'I'm not blind, I could see eveything now!' he thought. But, how did he heard her? She was almost 5 feet away from him, and with the wall in between them, it was impossible for him to hear her, hmm... strange. He heard someone clapping and realized it was Dr. Craglin when he spoke "okay! That is it for today folks!" And with that, he was taken away into his room.

There, a scientist gave him a mirror, and when he looked into it, he understood why the scientists reacted the way they did, and he could'nt blame them, for he almost screamed when he saw his new appearance, his right eye was completely black, but his pupil was red, and red veins were showing around the eye, whilst his left eye, looked very very light grey, almost white, like a blind person's eye, and the pupil was not visible, it was just pure light grey, no wonder they thought he was blind. But the good news is, he can see color, he can see colors he never before saw. Boy how excited he was to explore this ability of his.

He was left alone that night in his room like always, but what the scientist did'nt knew was, he slid a piece of paper in between the lock so the door would'nt be locked. He escaped without a sound, the alarms did'nt go off, no scientist nor security guard out patroling, what a great chance to escape, and get his revenge. He sneaked into the hallway to get to the security post, where the buildings controls were at, and on his way, he found a pair of scissors, sharp ones too, perfect. When he arrived, there were 2 security guards talking, chilling out, not even doing their worthless jobs. 'pathetic adults' he thought. He sneaked behind one of them, and slit his throat, killing him instantly. The second security guard, panicked and fell from his chair, just staring at his dead friend. Shiori took this chance and pounced on him, and stabbed him multiple times in the chest laughing until he coughed and wheezed, until he stopped moving. Standing up, he went to the control panel and shut down the electricity, leaving confused scientists who were on night patrol stop in their tracks. He took the opportunity and took off to the emergency exit of the building, but before doing so, he searched for new clothing in the building, and found a dark brown hoodie to cover his dark blue undershirt he wore with a pair of dark green shorts, a black belt, black socks and brown slip on shoes to go with it, along the way he found cooking oil and matches, he did wanted to take revenge now didnt he? Whilst making his escape, he poured the cooking oil along his tracks, and ended the last drops when he was outside the facility, before lighting one of the matches, and dropping it on the trail of cooking oil, setting the building on fire. He watched, as the hell he was brought into when he was younger, burning to ashes, bringing along some of the scientists down with it.


A man was found brutally murdered in his home. His eyes were gone, as if something or someone, gouged them out. His heart was missing, his organs were everywhere. And there are writings on the wall saying


The man, who was later identified as William White, is a rapist and has raped 6 teens and 3 adult women in his past....