• Normal people scare me-American Horror Story


Despite what you see her wearing in the picture Cat where a black sweatshirt with the words “I’m a cat” written on the front with cat ears on the top of the hood and a grey undershirt she also wears black ripped jean shorts. And also has sharp, cat-like, matte black nails and wears blood red matte lipstick. She also wears black knee-high socks with velvet black ankle boots.


Before caterina Lost her sanity she was a sweet, asocial ,caring girl but after she lost her sanity she is now more agitated, anti-social and perplexing.


Cats life have bean rough ever since day one when she was around 4 years old she almost raped by her neighbor.Her parents got divorced but still visits him on his days. her mother and father do communicate better now but she still kinda hates them.Then her best friend moved intact she was her only friend she never really talked to anyone else but her and then by 3rd grade she was bullied for “copping” and everyone literally hated her till the 5th grade but she still felt like they hate her. By he time of 6th grade she started having hallucinations and had terrible nightmares at least once a month but they still scared her.

Now she’s 15 in high school she still dosent have any friends but that’s because at this point she really dosent care and in fact cat really dosent talk as much as she used too and she’s grew a strong anger for humanity well some of humanity,Between the psychos and the normals she hates the normals for reasons wither it’s rediculous or reasonable all I can say is that cat thinks that it’s the normal people that are corrupted thinking that people literally dosent care if someone dies as long as they committed a crime or murder wich to Cat is cruel and mean the more she thinks of this not only does she get saddened but she also gets enraged by this and just wishes she could kill somebody and it’s not that she wouldn’t its that she couldnt even if she tried there was always something holding her back but they deserve to die.Cats very sympathetic she used to be sympathetic to both “humans” and the “broken” but when she realized what place this world really is she turned to psychos/mass murders

It was time for school when cat got there she remembered That her homework was not done but school has already started Cat really never pays attention in any of the classes except for maybe science but that’s only because that’s her favorite subject she loved learning about the human body something about it just excites her .When science came around the topic they were talking about were blood cells the more and more they talked about it cats mind grew cloudy to her it was a good feeling mass they were talking about blood the human body she started dreaming About it something in mind snapped for A split second but within those seconds Cat grabbed a sharp pencil and stabbed her arm then cutting it with a quick swipe making the blood slowely spill out of her arm.Before cat could taste The teacher saw what she did and yelled at her saying ”do not hurt yourself!!” And she took cat and escorted her out of the classroom and went to the principals office to have a chat with her.Cat was there for about 1 hour as she waited for both of her parents to come and pickup her up.When they came they took her in the car tHey started driving off as they talked to Cat about this.She really didn’t care and pretty much was Just getting annoyed at them and suddenly took off her belt and jumped out of the car scratching and breaking her left arm And was knocked out with how bad she fell to the ground,

When cat woke up she was in the hostpital as she was waking up she could see a nurse saying in A sweet high voices tone telling Cat who she was and can you tell me your name Incase she might have amnesia as cat slowly got up she told the nurse that her name was “caterina” and that her head was starting to feel really dizzy.When cat told the nurse that she got a cold bottle of water for cat.She drank only about half of it then put it back down.After a couple hours that cat regained consciousness the nurse explained to cat that she has a mild concussion,cat also had scratches and bruises all over her arm and her arm was broken and to let it rest for about 3 weeks and she should be good by then.There was something about hostpital that made cats head feel cloudy like before it’s not like she did anything about it she just let it happen.A couple minutes passed and cat was greeted with a psychiatrist to see how cat was And what she was feeling and talked about why she cut herself in science class and then jumped out of a moving car.Cat really didn’t care about These questions and decided to ignore her till she left after the psychiatrist left she payed down on her bed and napped.And she slept she didn’t sleep well she had a dream We’re she was still in the hostpital but everyone was gone and she was alone the halls were occupied with dead bodies and there hearts pulled out of their chests cat walked around the corner and saw herself eating another persons organs.As cat looked at herself she was getting that cloudy feeling again and started to slowly twitch her Hand and she could hear herself slowest beginning to giggle as she walked Up to the body and grabbed the heart out of the chest and hit into it.Right after that happened Cat suddenly woke up feeling different.She suddenly started smell blood she looked around to see if there was any around her but nothing she was having another hallucination.

after about 3 weeks being in that hostpital cat was free And back into the open world and back home safe and sound.4years go by and cat have bean getting worse hallucinations she was smelling blood again and kept hearing the pounding of people’s hearts even when no one was around she got so dizzy she passed out and had a dream/waking call of what cat is really like.She was in the hostpital covered in blood and walked the bloody corridors with dead bodies up against the wall around her she could hear echoes of giggles as she walked down the corridor she then cane to a corner and turned it looking at a alive person and a surgeon trey next to her with a scalpel and that’s all that was on there she took it and walked up to the girl it was of herself her sane self she took the scalpel too her own throat.”now!” She heard a whisper and then quickly cut her Sane selfs throat open leave her insanity behind.Cat woke up with a sudden rush of adrenaline and got up from her bed and grabbed the sharpest thing that was the closest to her which were a pair of scissors she took the scissors and left her room walking to the master bedroom and stabbing her mother in the neck then opened the scissors and took one of the blades and broke it of unconnecting it from the rest then taking it and cutting her back open with the blood spilling out all of the blood then ripping open her back she took her hand and looked for the heart once she got it she ripped it out of her chest.Still beating She bit into it then ripped it open and drank all of the blood heer eyes dialted like she she was having a sugar rush.when she then ate the rest of the heart and went down to the rest of the organs looking at the kidneys she ripped them out and ate them both then taking the liver she sliced it up into smaller pieces and ate it She felt like she was getting stronger the more she ate and more sensation was filling up inside of her the more she ate.

she still needed to kill one more person before leaving..her dad he was a cop cat hates cops the most they think a badge and a gun put You above the law.She called him up faking her crying telling him that mom has bean murdered and to come quick.When he got here she waited behind the door and then by surprise stabbed him over and over in the back.Till he fell to the ground walking back up to her mom she dragged her bloody body on the floor to her dad the carving out her dads heart and put it in between them then taking her fingers she dipped it in their blood and wrote on the wall “normal people scare me“which is a popular quote from American horror story;then she took her dads keys and drove off.Leaving it up to the feds to deal with it.


  • Cat is 19 years old
  • Has a small crush on Eyeless jack
  • her favorite organ are hearts
  • since her brother was in college he couldn’t do anything to stop him
  • Cat did Go to college for psychology but dropped out after she killed her parents to continue on her ”new life”
  • Cat has a different name but keeps it hidden due to the fact that she hates it
  • Cat kills With anything that’s sharp

Theme Song

Voices in my head[1]

in the groove-Chimes at Midnight[2]