Friends are your closest enemy
~ Kurt Cobain
No one is afraid of heights they're afraid of falling
~ Kurt Cobain
No one is afraid of saying I love you they're afraid of the answer
~ Kurt Cobain


Despite what you see her wearing in the picture, Cat wears a black drawstring hooded sweatshirt, and a black undershirt. She also wears black ripped jean shorts, black knee-high socks, and velvet black ankle boots. She has sharp, catlike, matte black nails and wears blood red matte lipstick.


  • Empathetic to people like her
  • Socially isolated
  • Narcissistic
  • isolated
  • mildly depressed
  • brooding
  • analytical

Cat controls her emotions she doesnt show them when she wants to because she can't either way and she doesn't force it.She stays socially isolated until someone comes up to her and talks to her but goes back to staying quiet.Most of the time stays away from people by being in her room she doesn't hate people like her and is more comfortable around them so she'll stay out of her most of the time.


Depressed.Insane.Socially isolated.isolated.narcissistic

Ever since third grade she was bullied she stayed quiet,that and the fact that ever since third grade people babied her and used her and would betray her. the only time she talks is when someone talks to her or she's forced to but she doesn't want to and most of the time it annoys her because she doesn't want to but she does.

At anytime when she has a choice to talk or not she doesnt.When she comes home from school cat stays in her room unless she's hungry or needs something to drink.And it continued on forever just making her worse and worse.When she was 12 her grandmother passed away she in fact saw her grandmother stroke out right infront of her,cat didnt cry but she smiled she wanted her to die because she hated her so much when the funeral came she didnt cry,she didnt smile,and she didn't care a couple months after, her other grandmother had to put down her dog since he was dying of terrible cancer and cat loved that dog but she didnt cry,

she wanted to because she actually loved that dog but she didnt and she wouldn't it was a weird way that cat worked even with her other grandparents that she was happy to see,but cat wasn't actually happy and the only time when she would cry is when she looked in the past not in her life though, other peoples life like kurt cobain who was the lead singer of nirvana whenever she thought about his death she would mourn him and cry in her room but if it was anybody else who just died in general like her grandma's dog or her other grandmother, the only time cat shows her emotion is when she actually wants to because when she was happy she hated or sad she hated it. And cat didnt care and the only reason why she'd cry about kurts death is mainly because cat wanted to commit suicide as well so in a way cat is empathetic to the whole suicide thing and understands others pain because most of its the reason why she wanted to commit suicide as well this also led to her to be empathetic people who were psychopaths,or sociopaths and so on and so forth.

And the only thing that held Cat back was what happens when you die, cat was afraid of death another thing that cat was afraid of is holes called ¨trypophobia¨ it's only when they came naturally on a plant or someone's face.Whenever cat was in her room she would get really bored of everything and would in the meantime draw, the only things she drew was Alice in wonderland,or hearts,or the front cover of one of nirvana's albums she might even draw really kawaii things she was into stuff like that and on top of that she was into anime but the only one shes ever watched was called ¨future diary¨,another way that cat would pass time was singing but only when she was home alone,another thing that she did when she was home alone was practice her tumbling or worked out. Cat also wanted to become a psychiatrist and ever since she was 11 she would read books on psychology and ever since then she never stopped she would take notes on psychiatry, which made cat very intelligent and have a psychological way of analytical thinking, since she started at such a very young age.

But now let's fast forward to when she is now in high school which is just a brief summary which is the fact that she didn't talk,she stayed away from people,she didn't care about people or if they got hurt or they cried,the only thing that changed about cat is her view of police officers since she was against them because of how brutally they treat people who can't help what they do and especially the mentally insane who are electrocuted or tazed by them when all that's doing is making them worse even the death penalty doesn't solve anything or help anything. But now cat is 19 and is in college and is of course learning psychiatry,still doesn't talk,still is narcissistic,and still isolated but there's one thing that was left out when she was 13 the first time she had an organ,it was thanksgiving and she was gutting the turkey she saw a bag of organs filled with kidneys,hearts and a liver and cat sneaked it to her room she wanted to eat it but she didn't want to get sick so she took the heart out of the bag cut up a tiny piece of it and ate it her eyes dilated her adrenaline rises and her heart raced she sat down on her bed and calmed down and fell asleep.

A month or more after that she told her dad that she wanted to try the liver that was in the turkey since cat never got to and he said ok and that he would take her which he did and she had the liver but of course he cooked it for cat and she ate it and love it the little rush of adrenaline started to kick up again but she stayed calm.

On cats way back from college she got a hunger for meat she didn't know if she was just hungry or what so cat pulled up to the closest store and got 2 bags of raw meat she wanted to eat it raw to at least just calm her down. After Cat ate it she drove back home. By the time it was night she was in her room and couldn't fall asleep she could still taste the meat in her teeth and smell of blood coming from it. she got up off her bed and went to grab her exacto knife from her bag and went to her mother's room,took the exacto knife and cut her mother open cat got a rich excitement as she saw the blood come out of her mother's body then with her hand she ripped open her chest and grabbed the heart ,cut it open slowly first to drink the blood then ate the heart but she still wanted to kill her dad and wasn't just gonna do it another day,because their wasn't going to be another day. Cat picked up the phone and dialed his number before her dad got here she killed all 3 of her dogs and ate their hearts as well and carried on to eat the other organs from her dogs.

Then when he arrived she waited for him behind the door and jumped out and attacked him, her dad grabbed her arms and tied them around her back as he looked around at what she done cat did a backflip off the wall and slit his throat,he was fat and cats picky and for that reason she didnt eat his heart but did take it out along with his other organs and drew pictures in them and stuffed his heart in his mouth and his kidneys in his eyes chopped off his fingers and put them in his nose. Before Cat left she made her mark and drew a heart on the wall in blood and above it she drew a crown......


  • Cat is 19 years old
  • Cats favorite band is Nirvana which is why her quotes are mostly from kurt.
  • Has a crush on Eyeless Jack
  • Her favorite organ is the heart
  • Anarchist
  • Cat has a different name but keeps it hidden due to the fact that she hates her real name and doesn't really fit her as much as Caterina Valentine does
  • Cat kills with an Exacto-Knife or her nails
  • Due to cats pickiness and paranoia she doesn't eat organs who are from fat people or people that have a disease and will take out their organs just to use them as a ¨art¨ project.
  • The creator of this Creepypasta is Ggzz

Theme Song

Voices in my head[1]

in the groove-Chimes at Midnight[2]