• ”Normal people scare me” - American Horror Story
  • ”All Humans are Monsters”- American Horror Story
  • ”Stop looking at the things that monsters don’t do but instead understand why they don’t do it. .”- OG Quote


Despite what you see her wearing in the picture, Cat wears a black drawstring hooded sweatshirt, and a black undershirt. She also wears black ripped jean shorts, black knee-high socks, and velvet black ankle boots. She has sharp, catlike, matte black nails and wears blood red matte lipstick.


Before cat lost her sanity she was sweet and kind and somewhat social.But after she lost her sanity cat is now AntiSocial(SocialAnxiety),brooding,perplexing,incredibly intelligent,and Narcissistic,She's only nice and sympathetic to people that are like her.


Cat’s life has been rough ever since the day she was around 4 years old. She was almost raped by her neighbor and her parents got divorced not because of what happened to cat but for other reasons. Her mother and father communicate better now, but she might sometime hate them. Also at the time, her best friend moved away and it was hard for Cat because she didn’t really have any other friends. She was bullied as a child and everyone hated her till the 5th grade, but she still felt like they still hated her even past that and over time she developed social anxiety and mild depression which wasn't a big deal she really didnt let the depression get to her like she lets her social anxiety. By the time of 6th grade, she started having hallucinations and had terrible nightmares at least once a month which scared her.And can sometimes get paranoid at some things but knows how to cover it up in a cute and adorable way.The hallucinations she had were mild and the voices were mild too but she still might sometimes talk to herself when no one is around.when she was 12 she found out her 14 year old brother was drinking this made cat sad and want it to be the same and happy she wanted to be strong about this and decided to not let it bother her Music was everything to cat it's the only thing that can really calm her down like its therapeutic for her gymnastics was everything to her too but doesn't use it as a therapy but instead just for fun.

When she was 15 in high school, cat started to act funny well she acted like this since she was 11 but would let it go when she was 12 she would get thoughts to make her autistic uncle's death like a suicide,she had a plan and everything but still had thoughts of what could go wrong but now shes 15 and shes having deeper and darker thoughts like killing someone but for a reason which of course cat could never tell anyone because no one would understand except for her but she hated the world there might be only one person that she might actually cared about in her family and that would be her cousin who at this time would be 15 as well but cats cousin is a year older than her but was born in november and cat was born in october but not in the same year.But cat did not only hate the world to hate it she just would think that cops,and judges,and the government or the FBI etc... were in the wrong there were so much unfair things these people did if it was a cop she would think that they think a badge and a gun makes them higher than the law same goes with the FBI and the government cat just thinks the policies or rules that they make are unfair and cruel just like a judge the one who would state if you live or not just for committing a murder. Cat couldn't take it and because of stuff like this she began to feel sympathy for murders or robbers,or psychopaths,sociopaths,and serial killers and people with schizo or had BPD or even cannibals in general,she cared about everyone.Even sometimes she would wake up and hate normal people till she just hated everyone and didnt care about anyone or any normal person's feelings.

The next day at school cat was in her favourite subject witch is science she always had an interest in the human body or even the mind ever since she was little all cat was into was psychology and would read books whenever she got home or would watch crime shows like CSI miami or might watch Greys anatomy

whenever she got home.During science all cat was thinking about was blood and its red color and how thick it is and what would taste like.After a couple of hours and school was over cat headed back to her house right away she grabbed a knife from the kitchen and went straight to her room with it and jumped on her bed.She just wanted to taste the blood that comes out of her body but at the sametime have no one find out.Cat took off her socks and took the knife and made a swift cut into the bottom of her foot then took her finger and scooped up the blood and tasted it.It tasted very sweet and a little tangy at the same time but it was like a rich combination between the two which just made it taste good.Cat cut the bottom of her one more time and kept taking in the blood then put her socks back on,washed the knife and put it back in the kitchen.And then stayed in her room till her mom got home from work.As the night came cat couldn't stop thinking about the taste of blood the whole night and had a craving for more.She stayed up all night just thinking of the taste and smell of blood.The next day came and cat was at school learning the same as she did yesterday and was thinking about what she did yesterday not that she regretted to doing it just she didnt want to hurt herself,she wanted blood but didnt want it from herself but maybe from other people it was a thought cat couldn't get out of her head but decided to not let it get it to her which didnt go as planned every now and then cat would get this itch to just have blood again.

After about 4 years has passed now and cat is now in her 2nd year of college her sister has bean out of college for so long now and cats brother is in his last year of college.Cat was there to become a psychiatrist.She was obsessed with the human mind and loved to learn about why people do this or dont do certain things everything about that was just so interesting to cat.Just like the human body is to her but decided to be a psychiatrist instead.And after school was over as cat drove back home she could feel a craving that she wanted blood she tried to fight it but couldn't it was too strong.So when the light turned green cat went to the closest store and grabbed 5 packages of raw cow meat and went back to her car and ate it she felt the sensation of blood again but covered in meat which just made it taste better.after cat was done with it she threw it in the back of her car and drove away to her(moms) house.When she got home she went to her room and got dressed in regular clothes and waited for her mom to come home as she waited cat grew tired and dozed off.Right before she woke up she heard the sound of a heart beating she was in a hospital in a Black hoodie and black shorts and black ankle boots .She walked the corridors by following the heart beats When she turned the corner she saw someone their..Vulnerable and unaware that someone was there,there was a surgeon trey to the left of her with a scalpel on it She took the scalpel and walked over to the girl that looked just like her and within a snap she slit her throat open and then her chest and started eating her organs.Before cat woke up she heard the word ¨kill¨ and woke up.Cats could hear her mom come in.

Cat got up from her bed,took her purse and grabbed her Exacto-Knife from her purse and went downstairs were her mom was she took the knife from her shorts and slit her mom's neck open within seconds she fell to the ground.Cat the took off her mothers shirt and started cutting off some of her skin first and ate it then cut open her chest,took her hand ripped and out her heart, then bit into it spilling out the blood that was left in it cat started drinking some of it then ate the rest,after she went down to the liver and at that then she went to the kidneys and did the same thing.After cat was done she still wanted to kill one more person;her father,She ringed him up and told him to come over quick and cat hung up the phone,after a couple minutes cats Father arrived putting the Exacto-knife back in her shorts she went to the door and opened it then hid behind the door and waited for her father to walk through.When she heard the door open cat quickly stabbed him in his stomach then trying to fight back her father tried to take the knife from her and pinned her to the wall quickly cat kicked him in the shin ran up the wall and did a back tuck over him then with the exacto-knife she cut open his throat and she watched as he fell to the ground on his stomach.After that cat cut open his back and ate the heart,kidneys,and liver and drank the rest of his blood till there was no more and put the knife back in her shorts.Then before leaving cat walked over to her mother to her two fingers and scooped up the blood and writ on the wall a crown and under it she drew a heart.Cat went back to her room and put on her ankle boots then took her keys from her purse,went to her car and drove off.....


  • Cat is 19 years old
  • Has a small crush on Eyeless jack
  • Her favorite organ is the heart
  • Cat has a different name but keeps it hidden due to the fact that she hates her real name and doesn't really fit her as much as Caterina Valentine does
  • Cat does not have a Catchphrase but might use quotes that are from her favorite tv shows or will makeup her own
  • Cat kills with an Exacto-Knife or her nails
  • the creator of this creepypasta is Ggzz

Theme Song

Voices in my head[1]

in the groove-Chimes at Midnight[2]