Ace was once a child of a rich quadrillionaire, but he was bored because he felt like he has done everything. Follow his journey from Riches, Boredom, to finally going insane.

Appearance Edit

Ace has a mix of red, brown, faded brown, and black hair, all in a messy row. He wears an eyepatch due to his eye being cut out by EJ. He also wears a brown jacket, a red shirt, a 0range bandana, a white one too.

Personality Edit

Ace used to be joyful and happy go-lucky. When danger came, he reassured his friends and himself that everything will be alright. After boredom, he became sadistic and bored, trying to get rid of it. He struggles to try and try to think of ways to not be bored, but alas to no avail.

Story Edit

Ace was born a rich man. His family came from a long line of fancy rich people. When Ace was 4, he learned how to talk, read, and all the things a grown-up can do. When he was 8, he learned how to count all the way to quadrillion. When he was 12, he started his own international enterprises, dedicated to serving the greater good of animals and humans.

But as time went on, he soon realized he had done everything, and started to get bored of things. At first it was small and avoidable, but it soon became a problem. He stopped eating, isolated himself from the world, and started to lose his emotions. One day, when he went to Starbucks to get some decaf, he met Eyeless Jack for the first time. He started to chase Jack, ranging from a park all the way to the woods. When Ace thought his boredom ended, Jack knocked him out with a bat.

When Ace woke up, he didn't remember who he was, or how to feel. He was now Boredom Ace, and he served Slendy for eternity.

Q and A Edit