Don't be excited about tomorrow :) because there will be no tomorrow
~ Bloody Painter's catchphrase.

Helen Otis or Bloody Painter was once a loner at school who became a victim of bullying. Follow his journey through being a loner, bullied, and snapping.

Helen wears a blue jacket with a yellow happy face pin. His hands are covered with black gloves with blood on them. He wears a white mask, with a bloody smile on it, and black holes for the eyes. His weapon is a paintbrush knife.


Before going insane, he was a loner. No one wanted to be friends with him, which he was fine with. The only thing he cared about was his drawings. After people framed him for stealing a watch which he didn't steal, he started being bullied, which didn't bother him. He snapped after his "friend" Tom fell off the roof and people started to bully him more. Now, he's aggressive, rude, and anti-social after what he did.


On a normal day at school, a girl named Judy lost her watch. Helen decided not to help her, and went back to one of his drawings. Suddenly, a boy named Ben saw something in Helen's bag. Ben took it out, and saw that it was the watch. Judy flipped out, blaming Helen that he stole the watch. Helen tried to tell her that he didn't do it, but no one believed him. Sadly, that made him a victim of bullying. 

One day, Ben came back and this time took his notebook, and tore up his drawings. That made Helen very upset. He couldn't hold it in anymore, so he punched him. But Helen isn't strong like him, so he got beaten very badly

Couple months later, he got a Facebook message from someone. He texted back to the person, asking who he is. It was Tom, a kid who was once bullied. They talked about being bullied, and Helen felt like he made a friend. A couple days later, Tom asked Helen to meet him on the school roof top. Helen agreed and went to the school roof top the next day. When he got there, Tom told him that he framed Helen with Judy's watch. They both fought, and Tom fell off the roof. Helen tried to save him, but he didn't have the strength to save him. This made his bullying worse, because people said that he killed Tom, or didn't save him.

Later that night, Helen lost it. He believed that Tom deserved to die, and believed that the others deserve to die as well. He killed everyone who bullied him, under the name Bloody Painter.


  • About 16 years old
  • In a relationship with Judge Angels
  • His creator is DeluCat
  • He has two different designs, the old design is for the Creepypasta and the new one has nothing to do with the Creepypasta.
  • New 2017 version: 2017 Bloody Painter


Theme song: Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones