Penelope Hunter or Anger Issues was a demon born inside the mind of a human girl. Follow them through their story of manipulation, a suicide attempt, and taking control.

Penn's clothing consists of a ripped navy tank top and dark brown pants that are covered in blood and dirt stains. They also has a slash through their left eye, so that eye is split in half and dripping with blood. Their weapon of choice is a metal pipe.


Penn to everyone was always aggressive and quite rude. Often they would always get into fights, so they never really had any friends. It never minded them though, they believed friendship was overrated. But once they finally overtook their host's mind, their personality was pretty different without the real Penelope in charge. The girl was now sly and clever, of course still having an outrageous temper. And now they had the ability to end the lives of all the people they think deserved this, which meant everyone.


Anger Issues was a mind demon born into the subconscious of a human girl. Over the years, the demon found ways to communicate with the girl it shared a body with. It told her it was her subconscious and they would tell her what to do if needed. The girl and her 'voice' became a team, but the voice was making her hurt people. Mentally and physically abusing people made everyone weary of the girl, and said she did it because of “anger issues“. When the girl realized how wrong she was for these things, she started to feel as if she had gone crazy in a way, and stopped listening to the demon. The demon was not pleased and gave her piercing headaches. The headaches were so intense, she couldn't see or hear anything and would later blackout from the pain. Out of defense the girl cut herself, the pain would be transmitted to the demon, trying to weaken them. But it never worked, so out of lost hope, the girl tried to kill herself. The attempt failed, and she was sent to the suicide emergency room and later enrolled in a mental ward, without the topic of the voice even coming up. The ward she was sent to was a horror itself. The workers would sell the patients for drug money over the weekends without the doctors knowing. So in a life or death situation, the demon told the girl to kill the man who was about to violate her. The girl refused to murder, and being as if the demon gave up on the girl, it used all it's power to take over her mind, and switch their places. Now the demon controlled the body, and the girl was just a voice inside their head. So with this control, the demon killed the man, and everyone else in the ward, in order to escape the facility. All while their former host watched through their eyes, screaming for the demon to stop. Now the demon does what it always wanted to, gives people the death they think they deserve so much. Yet the demon still hears the screams of the girl inside their mind. But that very girl will always forced to watch her demon kill everything in site, powerless to stop it.


  • Anger Issues isn't their true alias, but at their first kill site, they wrote Anger Issues in blood on the wall as a comedic play to the name the humans had unknowingly given them 
  • They are currently 28 years old with an unknown location  
  • Mind demons cannot be exorcised, since they were born into their vessel joined to a human soul  
  • Their mother is still alive, but they have no intention to track her down anytime soon 
  • Since the voice had grown up with Penelope, it refers to themself with the same name 

Theme song Edit

Theme song: The Devil Within -Digital Daggers