Anastasia Claire or Anastasia was a bit mischievous but sweet little girl. She is a ghost that is possessing a doll that she uses as her own body becoming a Creepypasta.

Anastasia now wears a gray-green ballerina dress, ballerina slippers and has a bow on one side that's located on her ear.


As a mischievous little girl, she can be open-minded and quite nice. But she can get emotional.


Anastasia was a little girl that was born in Bordeaux, France. Even though she was a bit mischievous she tries to at least do good in her school. Her dream and her little wish was wanting to become a veterinarian one day because she has a soft spot to want to try and heal the sick and wounded animals one day, until she was diagnosed with leukemia and a few years later Anastasia died from it on her deathbed which was in her bedroom. Her parents named the Mother's doll after her because it was one of Anastasia's favorite dolls.

Anastasia became a lost soul, she possessed the doll as her body without her parents knowing , learning how to move the limbs. She would move when her parents aren't around and tries not to let them know she is possessing the doll when they were around or they well bless her from it. Later they no longer had very much room for the doll because how they were collectors. They later moved to a different city because of her father’s job transfer, accidently leaving Anastasia behind. Anastasia felt alone in a old empty house,till weeks later someone bought the house, which so happened to be the doll shop owner, he found Anastasia and put her for sale in his doll shop which was later bought by a lady named Cynthia that doesn't know the doll is possessed by her at the time.


  • She is 14 years old
  • Doesn't have a catchphrase
  • Her creator is PrincessRoseMcMitten


Theme Song: Sia- Lullaby