Toby Lee Rogers' To Do List

  • Try to not be a bad user
  • Learn how to use CSS
  • Finish the tasks
  • Run some tests
  • manage the wiki
  • Finish the Sister Wikis page
  • Finish deleting pages that's marked for deletion
  • Mark pages for deletion that's needing to be marked for deletion
  • Remove some category from pages
  • Update the home page
  • Make other updates
  • Customize the community chat
  • Add To Do List to the Navigation bar ✓
  • Update the Marked for deletion category page ✓
  • Make a page for page guidelines ✓
  • Update page guidelines ✓
  • Edit welcome message ✓
  • Add X's new picture and Danny's picture ✓
  • Add Ice Boy's new picture ✓
  • Update Eyeless Demon ✓
  • Update Page Guidelines ✓
  • Update To Do List
  • Retire (Temporary) ✓

AnimeGirl45' To Do List

  • View marked for deletion pages to see if they meet the guidelines
  • Reply to complaints
  • Remove category: Marked for deletion from pages that's met the guidelines and received the ok
  • Manage the wiki

EnderChas' To Do List

  • Manage the wiki when AnimeGirl45 is offline
  • Reply to messages/comments placed on message wall.
  • Stay out of trouble in other wikis xD