Ace Eddison grew up with a normal family until she turned 11. Follow her journey through abuse, gambling and killing her father. 

Ace wears a white suit and a pink hat with a black ribbon on top of her head. She also has a bag that carries all her guns that she uses when she needs to. Her weapons are guns.


When Ace was a child, she never liked her father and his gambling addiction. But she and her mother ignore it. Sadly, her mother left her and her father when she was 11. As she grew older, she was abused by her father, making her depressed and hopeless. 

After killing her father, she then became the master of gambling in another town. She then is now sassy and rude. The only time she's respectful and kind is when she's with her friends.


During the age of 11her mother left her and her father, and due to that, Ace's dad lost himself to drugs and gambling. He even forces Ace to play blackjackpoker, etc. Every time Ace wins, her father beats her. One time, Ace won a game of poker, and her dad beats her very roughly. She nearly died that day. Ace couldn't handle it anymore, so one night, she asks her dad to play Russian roulette with her. Luckily, God took her side and let her live, but her dad didn't see another day. Ace ran away from the scene. 2 weeks later, she was found by Dark Link, forming a team with him called "The Outcasts" or "The Massacres".  


  • Favourite colour is Pink
  • Not in a relationship
  • She's 19 years-old
  • Best friends are Killer Joy, Peacemaker, and Dark Link


Theme song: Angel with A Shotgun - The Cab