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Cat valentine story review

Caterina Valentine

Personality:She has bpd which is borderline personality disorder *Enough said*

And is brooding

Who is Cat Valentine

Cat is a notorious serial killer who feeds off the hearts of innocent people mostly families or people in great shape she hunts them down at bars,hotels.etc and she records their every movement throughout the day,how she gets away with this people might ask well cat is someone who is stealthy and knows her way around not to mention she is a psychologist in training so she knows how to break people down or get away with things.And at night she creeps into peoples houses to just kill them and eat their  hearts.

Cats childhood

Things started to change in cat ever since she was 4 before that she was energetic and outgoing.Till her neighbor did the worst to her now he always would torment cat which put her in fear and broke her down more and more but then her neighbor tried to scare by potentially “raping” her cat never new if this was one of his pranks or he had real intentions but ever since then cat stayed isolated socially and would barely come out of her room and they're is more what happened but I’m going to just give you a brief 3rd grade she was bullied leaving her depressed and social anxiety,her parents where getting a divorce which left her with anxiety,by 6th grade her grandmother died and she felt nothing.Her grandpa went in for heart surgery and she felt nothing.She was building walls so she wouldn’t get hurt but it still changed something in her,her crush found out she liked him and he never talked to her again.This made cat afraid of the answer afraid of ever saying I love you because of what the answer was going to be.she cut.she sang.she drew.she watched bloody anime.stayed in her room.would sometimes not eat.

Cats victims

Valentines first murder occurred while in her 2nd year of college and she was 19 when she killed her mother by cutting her open with an exacto knife from her purse and slowly cut her open and following that she ripped out her Heart and ate it. And then called up her father and did the same thing. She dismembered the corpse of her first victims, packed the body parts in plastic bags and hid them behind her parents' home in the airplane room right above the garage.

Cats 2nd victim  

Valentine took her second victim,a tall male who she met at a bar and then continued to follow him home with him knowing.Valentine eventually broke into his house and found him asleep in bed,She then continued to cut his throat and watch him choke on his blood and then cut him open to take out his heart and eat it.She hid the body under the bed.

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• 2/11/2019

Caterina Valentine page

My story was deleted which I get why but I think I should be given it back and I’ll read over the guidelines again and change what I need to I don’t work or edit it a lot because I’m very busy so I don’t have time to but when I do I edit my story so over time I was changing it but rarely because I don’t have a lot of time and I’m still thinking of ideas to do so that’s why I think I should get my story back.Thank you

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• 2/8/2019

Wiki Changes

Hello everyone! Recently, I was re-promoted by AnimeGirl45 to help,suggest, and implement new ideas and features to further enhance the wiki.

Due to the fact, that this wiki like several other recent wikis lacks forums and instead has the discussion post feature, I have decided to implement categories to act in the place of boards and to help organize all the different posts.

These categories include...

a) General - the place to simply discuss the wiki

b) Off-Topic - the place to talk about random stuff that does not pertain to the wiki

c)File Review - the place to get your articles reviewed!

d) Wiki Suggestions - the place to make suggestions to further enhance the wiki!

e) Deletion Appeal - the place to request having your deleted page restored(you must write a paragraph stating why)

f) Announcements - the place to categorize important wiki changes and discussions that were once announcements.

I will also be running two programs in the future, one of which is the vandalism prevention team because people can't depend on me or Anime to always be on, and in all honesty we're probably the most active staff members right now. I also need that team because apparently something has been brought to my attention about certain users being unaware of how to revert vandalism(go to the page's history and click undo or AJAX undo on the last edit). I will also be running a helper program, the full blog post is here (See

Finally, we will be implementing an article showcase in top navigation, to shed light on lesser known,quality OCs and canon characters. It appear in top navigation as the following...

*Article Showcase

**Featured Canon Characters

**Featured OCs

There will be two ways for an article to be showcased.

a) User choice - the user notifies an admin with a link to their article who will review their article and decide whether it is of enough quality sustenance to qualify for the article showcase.

b) Community Consensus - several members of the community decide that they would like a specific article to be showcased, categorizing their post under wiki suggestions.

Sorry for all the announcements you guys have been getting lately.



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• 2/6/2019

Fake Bot of a Mod ruining pages

Hi guys. So someone claiming to be a bot of a moderator called AnimeGirl had edited a ton of pages, replacing everyone's hard work with a simple message. I've worked so hard on those pages and now it's all gone!!! If there is a way to get it back, then I'd be very happy to know how. Can a moderator see to this supposed botaccount and ban them for ruining so many pages

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• 1/17/2019
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• 1/12/2019

Marked for Deletion

Just a suggestion for the mods assuming they don't already do this. Maybe instead of just deleting the page, we give them a reason why it was marked for deletion and what they can do to fix it. I think that people spend a lot of time and effort on their characters and to lose all that work seems kind of a huge blow to them. Just a suggestion but can we try to give them a chance to remedy the problems with their pages rather than just delete it after a week. And if they manage to remedy the problems with their page, we can comment on the page saying it's been fixed and the page is no longer marked for deletion. I'm sure a lot of people want to know where they've made mistakes on their pages so they can fix them.

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• 1/4/2019

Critique me

Could you guys give me some feedback on my character? I'm trying to make her go far

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• 12/30/2018
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• 12/29/2018
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• 12/21/2018
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• 12/17/2018


like this ship yes or no?

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• 12/14/2018

needs something to do

i hope everyone is having a great day but so far mine is kinda good i guess.

how your day going? :)

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• 11/26/2018
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• 11/26/2018
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• 11/20/2018


Does anyone know how to properly space the words in the infobox? Everytime I try spacing it the words become merged together or it skips a line entirely. How do I fix this?

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• 11/4/2018

I need help

does anyone know the template for a character page ? The one that has the story, background and facts thing.

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• 11/1/2018

Marked for Deletion Category

A friend of mine was scared his character would be marked for Deletion, because they are a proxy. I am also scared one of mine is also gonna be marked for Deletion for the same reason. If one of the mods can get back to me so I can edit the changes if required to, then please do. I worked so hard on that page and I'm scared it'll be marked to be taken down. I read one of the criteria to get it marked for Deletion is having the same characteristics. Does being a proxy count? Because Ticci Toby is a proxy too. If not, can I be informed please? I don't want to lose the page I've worked so hard on

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• 10/26/2018

Help Jeff.

How is Jeff gonna survive this?

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• 10/25/2018
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• 10/1/2018

Mysteries about Sonic. EXE

When I went here, I saw Sonic EXE. This made me confused of who and why would someone get Sonic and kill only Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman. Can anyone explain to me?

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